Two MSM Blogs That Don’t Suck

I’m not really a fan of most of the MSM efforts at adding blogs to their online papers, as most of them seem like pathetic efforts to cash in. There are however, one or two good ones out there.

News’s Gotcha blog is a look at the major crime stories from the POV of crime reporter Gary Hughes. His personal leanings seem to be pretty populist and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s an ex-cop himself, but it nevertheless gives a more in-depth discussion of some of Australia’s crime issues.

My favourite though is The Age’s “All Men Are Liars” by Sam de Brito. It’s one of the view blogs out there that discusses Australian life from the point of view of a single male, and it’s refreshing in that Sam doesn’t pretend to be any kind of New Agey type. It’s a frank discussion of sexuality, morals, dating, and life in general.

The only real problem with these blogs is that they have so many readers that it’s pretty difficult to have a discussion in comments without getting lost in traffic, but “All Men Are Liars” especially is still well worth the read.

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6 Comments on “Two MSM Blogs That Don’t Suck”

  1. Gary Hughes Says:

    Thanks for your kind words about my blog Gotcha. Just for the record, I’m not an ex-cop. I’ve been a journalist all my working life. Nor am I the son or a cop or even distantly related to a cop! But I did once live in the same block of flats as a cop (although that was in London and a long time ago). And as for being populist, I’m not sure whether that’s good or bad…

  2. AD Says:

    Gary – bit of a “cop out” if you ask me

  3. adrian Says:

    Picked up Sam de Brito in the cab Wednesday, for the third or fourth time. He was perturbed by the amount of comments he has to manage. He came from News Ltd to Fairfax, hence the lack of bullshit.

    Given Sam’s incisive writing and spot-on content no wonder he’s Australia’s biggest MSM blogger. Top bloke too. As you say, a highly recommended blog.

  4. AD Says:

    I have been looking at Sam De Britos blog since this recommendation.

    It was recommended as discussing Australian life from the point of view of a single male.

    I dont read womens magazines, but it seems to be at this level, cooking and depression being the last two blogs.

    The search for a good blog for the thinking single man continues as it is not Sam De Brito.

  5. catgirl Says:

    Keep reading, AD…i for one, will try to push blokier content.

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