The following is a paid review. is a new site that matches bloggers with advertisers. The basic gist of the idea is that advertisers will pay you to write a review of their product or service on your own blog.

The amount paid is calculated as a function of your Technorati and Alexa rankings, as well as the estimated number of subscribers to your RSS feed. As an example, this blog received a “2 star” rating and for this review I am being paid US$30. will either send the money to a Paypal account or send you a cheque.

One of the biggest advantages of this idea is that – for me at least – this will provide some sort of relief for bloggers’ block. Whenever I can’t think of anything to write about or am lacking motivation, can tell me what to write about and motivate me with cold, hard cash.

The signup process is ridiculously simple, all you have to do is provide your name, email address and the URL of your blog and RSS feed. Your blog’s “star rating” will be calculated from the URL you give. You can also nominate multiple blogs if you have more than one.

If you don’t already have a Paypal account, then the signup process may extend to around 10 minutes instead of the 2 minutes it took me. As soon as that is complete you can get started on your first review, which is a review of the site itself (which is exactly what you are reading now).

The only doubts I have about this service is whether or not I will actually be offered any further reviews after the original review of Are advertisers really going to be willing to pay $50-$100 for a 200-word advertisement on a blog that, for all they know, is only read by penniless hobos at internet cafes?

Nevertheless, everyone who signs up is offered to chance to review itself, so at the very least you’re going to get enough for a carton of piss out of it. That’s not so bad for 10 minutes’ work.

As an extra bonus, you can now tell your parents and friends that you have a real job. What’s not to like?

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10 Comments on “Reviewing”

  1. Bessed Says:


    What are the best sites about ReviewMe? We’ve started with these. What else should be here?
    1. ReviewMe – Bloggers can get paid to review services and Web sites of interest to their readers. Advertisers can get their services or Web sites reviewe…

  2. AD Says:

    Scarborough beach is great today and I regret I wasted my time reading this advert, it was on par with the cricket report.

    Very suprised at your report on what happened at the Stamford Arms, its my favourite for a midday drink but I wont go there in the evening.

    Most pressing question is “Where has Fridays Girl gone ??????”

  3. fleeced Says:

    Like your blog normally (which I found through ALS), but this post was… well… like reading an ad 🙂

    Interesting idea though – but I suspect against the wordpress T&C? They don’t like the idea of “Cash for comments” by their free subscribers.

  4. yobbo Says:

    Nope, I’m allowed to shill, I’m just not allowed to spam or link to spam sites to increase their ranking, and I’m not allowed to commit copyright infringement.

    This post is no more like reading an ad than the travel section of a newspaper is. Yes I am paid to write a review, but specifically states that a positive review is not required, the content of the review is up to me. So in that sense its no different than reading a movie review. Writers get paid for them too, you know.

  5. Fleeced Says:

    lol… can’t imagine advertisers being happy with negative review.

    I don’t have any objection to it – I just seem to recall reading specific mention of it somewhere in the FAQ (I think they mentioned PayPerPost, which is a similar service)

    It’s a logical step in advertising, really… many bloggers will have google adsense ads on their site, and often end up writing articles that will pull high ads anyway. WordPress’ VIP feature is $250 a month! Ouch… couldn’t find any low end pricing. It’s an interesting turnaround – many free blog-hosting sites show ads on your blog – and you have to pay to get rid of them. WP seems to do it the other way around (which I kind of like)

  6. yobbo Says:

    AD: Girl Friday will be back this week. I was too pissed off to do anything last week.

  7. AD Says:

    Hurray, the day is overcast and the waves on Scarborough beach are choppy but I now have something to look forward to.

  8. […] Helen Dale (aka skepticlawyer) has signed Catallaxy up with ReviewMe, a service that makes it easier for businesses to pay bloggers to review their products. Critics call it pimping, Sam Ward at A Yobbo’s View calls it an antidote for writers’ block: […]

  9. BadGirl48 Says:

    We do not know where on the line between enforced prudery and hanky-panky tolerance at work the morally correct policy lies, or even if it lies in different places for different work contexts. ,

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