Sunday YouTube

2 weeks ago I was arrested for standing around on a street corner, waiting for my friends. I was convicted for refusing to obey a move-on notice and fined $405.

This video from Korgy of the Melbourne G20 protest shows anarchists attacking a police vehicle. The police didn’t even attempt to ask them to move on, let alone arrest them. In fact they are apparently hiding behind the truck, doing nothing.

So either the police think the anarchists’ political views excuse them for violently breaking the law, or they are simply too frightened to arrest someone who has violent intentions towards them.

Which is it?

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13 Comments on “Sunday YouTube”

  1. korgmeister Says:

    The anarchists caught them on the hop. A spotter saw the weakness in the police defences and co-ordinated a rapid movement to the police van using mobile phones.

    There weren’t enough cops at the van at the time to mount an effective defence. The anarchists outnumbered them at least 5 to 1 at the time. Backup took several minutes to arrive. It was the only time during the entire protest that the anarchists had a tactical advantage over the police.

  2. Orpheus Says:

    There was only one of you, Yobbo.

  3. AD Says:

    Often the order come down, “take a low profile”, that means “do nothing”. I am sure many of the cops were held back by their orders not to arrest that minority of the protesters who were violent.

    I watched the ABC news last night to see what occurred, the clips on the riots were extremely short. There is an argument that it is best to deny the lifeblood of publicity to those who conduct violent protest.

    On the other hand the duty of the ABC is to inform, regrettably the ABC is in censorship overdrive, you only have to look at ABC 720s guestbook to see that.

  4. yobbo Says:

    Orpheus: There was one of me, and 6 police.

  5. Agree with Yobbo.

    It will be interesting to see the view of the judiciary when (if any) arrested protestors front court.

    Several of the protestors were announcing that there will be “extra” violent protests if any arrests are made. Wonder what the attitude of the law books in Victoria is to this form of extortion/blackmail/threat? (as opposed to the political willpower to enforce the law)

  6. Boris Says:

    The latter is correct (they or their bosses are too scared). You are our martir, but frankly, the police here are in lose-lose situation. If they show a robust response, they are accused of heavy handed tactic. If they keep low profile, they are cowards.

  7. SurferCam Says:

    Those idiot protesters are a disgrace to Australia. I heard one them bitching about being hit in the head by a police baton. He was a Kiwi and he should be deported.
    I hope the rest of those idiots get locked up.

  8. Andjam Says:

    One person I knew was arrested (but not charged) at (I think) an education rally (one of the ones that happens near April 1 each year).

    Yet she was one of the most moderate people there. She was arguing against agressive protest tactics earlier on.

  9. Stolt Says:

    Bloody Eurotrash coming to Australia to start some shit they know nothing about. What is really necessary for this type of event is a rag-tag bunch of vigilantes with a little more education than an arts degree and a couple of John Butler CDs, and some idea of how and why summits on global trade are necessary. Obviously the police in Australia, or Melbourne at least, have no capability to deal with these kinds of situations. This kind of behaviour makes me sick and anyone coming to Australia to partake in such behaviour should be deported and refused an Australian visa for the rest of their lifetime, as well as being placed on an international black ban list of some kind that will prevent them from causing trouble in other countries during similar types of events in the future. BTW, tough luck on getting arrested. Maybe its because you’re a yobbo.

  10. pat Says:

    Police have been feminised and turned into gutless cunts. The simplest explanation always suffices.

  11. tseqrvdzau Says:


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  12. derrida derider Says:

    Why worry? The point of getting it all on video is that the buggers will be arrested later.

    pat, you clearly have never been on the wrong end of a copper who imagines he’s been dissed, or who wants a payoff, or who just enjoys belting people with immunity. A crim in uniform is still a crim – and there are plenty of them.

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