Who Needs Moons When You Have Upskirts?

Where were you the day that pictures of Britney Spears’ shaved vagina were posted on the internet?

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29 Comments on “Who Needs Moons When You Have Upskirts?”

  1. Darlene Says:

    Errr, a question to rival questions about where one was when John F.Kennedy was shot.


    Why women infantalise themselves, I have no idea.

  2. James Says:

    yummy pussy

  3. Darlene Says:

    Thanks to James for entering into the spirit of my feminist analysis.

    Frankly, blokes who get off on women who are hairless down there are a little unnerving.

    A bare pubic area is something that is natural for little girls.

  4. yobbo Says:

    So are bare armpits.

  5. yobbo Says:

    Do you have hairy armpits too Darlene? If not, please explain why.

    Girls in China seem to survive quite happily without shaving their armpits. So there doesn’t seem to be any health reason for it, simply fashion.

    Why do you infantilise yourself by shaving your armpit hair?

  6. yobbo Says:

    By the way: There are a number of other reasons for shaving pubic hair.

    1. Women don’t trap urine in the hair if there’s none there. This is probably the #1 reason I’ve heard in favour of it rather than “fashion”. Obviously it’s not a problem for guys because unless you’re really unlucky, the penis clears the pubic hair tuft anyway.

    2. It makes it a lot easier to wear a bikini.

    3. It reduces “feminine odours”, in the same way that shaving armpit hair reduces body odour.

    4. If you have long and straight hair, it can get tangled and matted if not trimmed. This is why a lot of women (and quite a few men) choose to simply trim rather than go the whole brazilian.

    5. It feels good.

    6. It allows for easier cunnilingus.

    7. If you are a muslim, it is compulsory (for both sexes).

    Etc, etc.

  7. Ronin Says:

    God bless Britney…the hottest Milf around.

    That vag looks ok even if it has been tapped by Leech-King K-Fed a few times.

  8. Jason Soon Says:

    ‘It reduces “feminine odours’

    This is supposed to be a GOOD thing?

  9. Jason Soon Says:

    Britney is far too young to be a MILF.

  10. Darlene Says:

    It makes it easier to wear a bikini?

    Yes, hmmm, such an important reason, and one surely important enough for biological adaptation.

    Feels good to who? You, women, people who make pornography? What’s wrong with feminine odours? They also exist for a reason, and that is meant to be a good thing, not a bad thing. People should stop pathologising the female body.

    I don’t have enough hair under my armpits to worry about it. It’s not an issue. Besides the armpits are not directly sexual like the vagina.

    I’m not a Muslim, and neither I presume are you. From what I understand – I know someone who works with many Muslim women at a refugee advocacy centre – Muslim women take off all their hair, often using a sugar solution. That’s a cultural thing, and cultural things can be challenged. Indeed, they should be questioned. Certainly there has been no shortage of questioning of the beliefs of Muslims on the blogosphere before.

    Tangled pubic hair? What?

    Buy a brush.

    I appreciate your response, but I find your analysis rather shallow.

    Cheers, Yobbo. skeptilawyer thinks you are a spunk, by the way.

  11. yobbo Says:

    “Feels good to who?”

    To the woman.

    “What’s wrong with feminine odours? They also exist for a reason, and that is meant to be a good thing,”

    So does B.O.

    And you didn’t even attempt to refute the first one.

  12. whyisitso Says:

    Sam’s top reason is really his number six.

  13. Mark Hill Says:

    I also have heard the theory it makes adult film starts (men) look larger.

  14. Ronin Says:

    Jason Soon…

    Whats the pre-requisite to be a Milf?

  15. Michael Sutcliffe Says:

    That’s hardly what I’d call an award winning vag.

  16. Darlene Says:

    Sorry, I’d rather engage with an intelligent argument.

    So feminine odours are akin to BO?

    No misogyny in that argument.

  17. Can you work out what Darlene is on about? She seems to be saying that female body odor is not body odor. Strange.

  18. yobbo Says:

    No, I think she’s saying that because only women have vaginas, that vaginas actually have no odour.

  19. yobbo Says:

    And it’s misogynist to say that they do.

  20. Mark Hill Says:

    Would a lesbian be a above suspicion? Surely they can’t hate women?

  21. Hugh Says:

    This reminds me of the time an otherwise very respectable friend dared me to start a conversation with a girl (or group of) in Claremont by dropping the words “feminine hygiene” into my first sentence…

    That is to say, I think y’gotta be drunk to discuss such matters openly. But pray, continue.

  22. Brett M Says:

    How old are you people?

    You’d be lucky to find 10% of girls over 14 and under 25 who DON’T at very least trim their pubic hair.

    20-30% of Males do it also.

  23. yobbo Says:

    How old are you?

  24. conrad Says:

    mmmm, sweaty and smelly, turns me on…

  25. Brett M Says:

    My question was particularly aimed at Darlene as she seems incredulous to the reason why women wax/shave/trim – as if such a practice is out of the mainstream. Any young person would know that it’s practically the norm.

    I am 21.

  26. zoltan Says:

    men dont make passes at women with hairy arses

  27. jimmy cracorn Says:

    I don’t think anyone will top zoltan’s comment. gold.

  28. kai Says:

    I am a Muslim (woman) and yes it is true for us to shave our pubic hair as it is for men. Circumcision for men is a tradition (sunnah) of the Prophet (P.B.U.H.), while for ladies it is a mark of honour. However, some do not, some prefer to just trim.
    Also people may also think it is compulsory for us to wear a head scarf but it’s not but most muslim women do however cover up there, what they think are there adornments.

    It is compulsory for men to go into the army in Turkey for a minimum of 15 months and whilst in the army they have to shave their pubic hair for a hygiene reason and they are checked 3 times a week with a simple order of “PANTS DOWN!” lol

    I have to say, Zoltan’s saying did make me laugh lol, nicely put i must say.

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