I Give Up

It’s extremely sad that something that is a fairly standard promotion elsewhere in the world makes front-page news in Australia:

A NIGHTCLUB party where bikini-clad women can drink as much as they want for free has been slammed as unsafe, disgusting and demeaning.

Rape crisis counsellors and alcohol experts said the party reduced women to sexual objects and exposed them to the risk of extreme intoxication and sexual assault.

Exposing yourself to extreme intoxication is the whole point of free drinks. As for wearing a bikini exposing you to sexual assault, didn’t we try to deport some dude for saying the exact same thing a few months back?

This party will of course be banned by the fun police (ludicrously referred to in the article as “alcohol experts”).

This country is fucked.

Update: Even Communist China doesn’t ban Ladies Night.

Update II: Party cancelled.

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42 Comments on “I Give Up”

  1. yobbo Says:

    This used to be known as “ladies night”. Bikinis optional.

  2. Johnny Says:

    The femocrats and the militant feminists in the media are up to their usual tricks.

    Yobbo, the rest of the world is a decent place. A place where you don’t have to feel guilty for being a bloke.

    But who cares anyway, because those chicks in the article are a pair of scrubbers

  3. AD Says:

    After many years of hearing the term Male Chavanistic Pig (MCP) I am working on an appropriate retort, which sounds better – Femofilth or Femonazi????

  4. Ronin Says:

    Why are RAPE counsellors getting involved ?

    Why is rape automatic in this situation?

    Its a piss up.

    In that case Rape counsellors should equally warn girls about work Xmas parties, after work drinks, picnics and BBQs, alcohol is available there too….of course every girl who drinks is going to ‘be anyone’s’ after a few.

    Hate those biatches.

  5. AD Says:

    WOMEN who don bikinis in exchange for free drinks at a Melbourne nightclub are putting themselves in a demeaning and potentially dangerous situation, Victoria’s top cop Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon said today.

    What she means is that she wishes she could wear a bikini.

    Christines reorganisation of the Victorian Police CIB, eliminating the specialist squads in favour of taks forces (which lack continuity and specilaised knowledge) has been a disaster.

    Christine Nixon – the failed femocrat.

  6. yob's little sis Says:

    i think the problem is its a piss up, where a whole lot of people you don’t know are going to be there. It would be ok for work do’s, or BBQ’s generally you know the people, or at least half the people, meaning there is some kind of protection there.

    However the girls that decide to go to these things are probably not naive, and choose to go, so its really up to them isn’t it.

  7. Rosie Says:

    I just had to laugh at the *free entry and lip gloss*.
    Wow! A free lip gloss! Are you serious? I’m so there.

  8. The Victorian laws are much more lax than Queensland.

    Such a promotion is a very clear breach of the Queensland binge drinking laws. In such case the club would be up for a fine, & possibly be called on to “show cause” why their liquor licence should not be cancelled.

  9. […] I give up – Sam ‘Yobbo’ Ward … Exposing yourself to extreme intoxication is the whole point of free drinks. As for wearing a bikini exposing you to sexual assault, didn’t we try to deport some dude for saying the exact same thing a few months back? … […]

  10. chidori ashi Says:

    It’s almost like there are different standards depending on one’s position in the power structure of Australian society

  11. jack Says:

    how can I load an image on this topic?

  12. yobbo Says:

    You can’t upload one to this site. Upload it to http://www.flickr.com and then link the URL.

  13. Yob's not so little aunt Says:

    Would it not depend on how sexually assaultable you are ? I think I will get yobs mum to come along with me, both in a tiny bikini and I can guarantee neither of us would get sexually assaulted – but the free rums would be a bonus..

  14. yobbo Says:

    Mum would have 2 drinks and pass out. You would probably drink the place dry and sexually assault all the blokes. (Depending on which aunt this is, but the rum gives me a hint).

  15. yobbo Says:

    Besides, once you two are on the bar with your tits out, all bets are off.

  16. Yeah, I liked the ‘alcohol expert’ bit. Come along to my local on a Friday night and I’ll show you some alcohol experts. It’s master-class stuff.

  17. yobbo Says:

    I should receive a knighthood for my services to alcohol.

  18. AD Says:

    Yobbo, I like your aunt, she clearly has a good sense of humour,

  19. Andrew Leigh Says:

    Are you sure this isn’t all just a setup between the Amber Lounge and the Herald Sun, giving the latter an excuse to run a picture of women in bikinis?

  20. yobbo Says:

    Seeing as they have quoted the director of liquor licensing I don’t think so. Even if it is good for them – the fact is this story shouldn’t be newsworthy and wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for the ridiculous actions of health nazis.

  21. Andjam Says:

    As for wearing a bikini exposing you to sexual assault, didn’t we try to deport some dude for saying the exact same thing a few months back?

    Would the “we” that wanted to deport Hilaly include the people who are against this promotion?

  22. yobbo Says:

    That’s the point Andjam. They are digusted at Hilaly’s comments, and then go and make the exact same comment themselves (minus the colourful metaphors).


    1. Hilaly is right and girls in Bikinis are uncovered meat asking to be raped, or

    2. The Health Nazis will say and do anything, even something they know is a lie, in order to prevent others from having fun.

    I know what my money’s on.

  23. yobbo Says:

    BTW Health Nazis lie as a matter of course, continually crying about the “public health costs” of smoking et al when cigarette taxes pay for those costs around 6 times over – lying about the amount of drinks it takes to get drunk to the point it affects your driving (hint – it’s more than 4) and basically exagerrating everything they can think of, and hiding any scientific evidence that will refute their temperance crusade.

    They are scum and this episode is sad mostly because every commenter in the original article agrees this is a stupid overreaction, yet these people are still in power and trying the best to destroy Australia’s nightlife and tourism industry.

    I hope they all get hit by a truck.

  24. I wouldn’t wish that on any truck

  25. Andjam Says:

    There are some sections of dhimmi Australia that were opposed to Hilaly’s deportation, eg Andrew Bartlett.

    Those who opposed his deportation were generally self-loathing Australians. Fun facists are generally self-loathing Australians. Isn’t there likely to be an overlap?

    (As a side note, while I support the right to deport Hilaly, I don’t know whether it’d be a good idea from a security perspective. Deporting Bin Laden from Saudi Arabia didn’t work out that well. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?)

  26. yobbo Says:

    You can’t deport Hilaly any more than you can deport me. He is an Australian citizen.

  27. yeah, what Yobbo said (in that last comment anyway). You can’t deport a citizen.

    I criticised Hilaly’s comments too, but also said it was a overblown and hypocritical media feeding frenzy – partly because it was just easy and overblown Muslim bashing and partly because it ignored the fact that plenty of other people in Australia say variations on the same thing (without necessarily laying it on quite so thick with the ugly metaphors, as Yobbo also pointed out). Of course, once a media feeding frenzy is on, any pretence at proportionality or consistency disappears.

  28. Boris Says:

    The current rise of Muslim extremism has as much to do with some processes within Islam as with Western appeasement. Andrew Bartlett is in the forefront of this great movement.

  29. AD Says:

    Boris, – Processes within islam, are you refering to shia vs sunni or something else?

  30. Well done Boris – I should have realised my agreeing with Yobbo about double standards and media inconsistency would have exposed my role at the forefront of this great movement in the rise of Muslim extremism. I guess I hadn’t counted on someone with your forensic skills and impeccable logic reading my comment and outing me.

  31. Boris Says:

    OK, I have been clumsy. I mean Andrew is in the forefront of appeasement, not extremism as such. At the time when most of the press are actively looking for all kinds of excuses for extremists’ words – and actions, Andrew accuses them for overblowing extremist words.

    Why Hilali said these extreme words? Because he knew he can. Try to say in a Muslim country what you think of local customs, and see what happens. Of course here everyone can say anything they want, and this is proper. But while we cannot prosecute or jail or deport them for words, condemn them we can and should. Without any reservations or excuses – or proportion.

  32. Yep, good idea Boris. Who needs proportionality anyway? Imagine accusing someone of overblowing an extremist’s words just because they’re overblowing an extremist’s words. Mind you, I did condemn his comments without reservation or excuses – but I also called for proportionality (or words to that effect). You might get better stoushes on blogs without it, but you’ve got no hope of having meaningful public debate.

    As Yobbo’s post notes, his words were not overly different in meaning (albeit not in form) to some of the comments made about this nightclub offer – I know the context is somewhat different, but none the less one led to a good week’s worth of front page headline condemnation, nationwide talkback pontification and widespread calls for deportation, the other got a day or two of coverage based (in part anyway) on supporting a similar sentiment.

  33. Where would an Australian citizen be deported to?

    Fair go Boris — I can’t see what Andrew has done wrong (except for the whole being a Democrat thing, but that’s not relevant here).

  34. Rimmer Says:

    What gets me is that this place used to have even better specials, ive passed out in the bathroom there after $10 unlimited cocktails, a friend has had an ambulance come for him he’s been that drunk. Oh how i long for the times of yesteryear

  35. Boris Says:

    Sorry, in retrospect I have been uncharacteristically emotional here. Let me explain my posotion. I haven’t seen Hilali’s comments overblown out of proportion. Indeed, unlike Andrew, I don’t judge papers on how much coverage they give to different stories. In my view it is their business (indeed I usually don’t read papers – except on a plane). But I strongly object the assertion that condemning the words of Hilali is somehow related to “Muslim bashing”.

    As much as people are outraged by the story of this post, the two sets of comments are not even remotely comparable. To see this, just imagine what would have happenned if Hiliali’s words were said by an Australian politician or a Christian priest.

    Hilali’s comments have had such a resonance because they are the tip of the iceberg. They represent a wide resentment of the mainstream Australian way of life by large sections of the Muslim community. This resentment is taking on more and more acitve forms. A local school for example has dropped all pork products from its menu. The teacher told me that they had Jewish students for decades, but it is only recently that the growing number of Muslims forced this change.

    Basically, these people are exporting the intolerance from their countries of origin to Australia. Australians, including moderate Muslims, do not have any recipe of what to do with this.

    As for the story of this post, this is a different desease, political correctness. This is now so entrenched that people have stopped noticing, hence a muted reaction.

  36. Bren Says:

    The problem with this party proposal is that it is sexually discriminating. The party could have been just as successful if they had taken a Brazilian approach – men to have worn speedos and women bikinis, and 2 free drinks for all. Anyone going to such party – male or female – would want to be seen as a sexual object, so there’s then no problem. It’s not rape or sexual exploitation if there is consent.

  37. Boris Says:

    If it is discriminating, don’t go there. Not ban it!

  38. Andjam Says:

    It may be possible to strip him of citizenship if guilty of giving false or misleading information when obtaining citizenship.

    While the fun fascists and Hilaly may both be affirming that skimpy clothing increases the risk of rape (as does Lonely Planet’s guide to South India), I don’t think they’re saying the exact same things. The fun fascists didn’t say that women were Satan’s soldiers, or imply that they were conspiring to lock hapless Muslims up.

    As for excessive coverage? Well, his comments received a lot more coverage than his ones when he was with Hizb’allah praising suicide bombings and describing September 11 as God’s work. Perhaps it could be argued that the latter should have received more coverage than the former. But maybe it’s because the rapes struck closer to home, whereas most people don’t even know what Hizb’allah translates to.

    But Hilaly is regarded by many Muslims as mufti of Australia, so he’s the most prominent figure in one of Australia’s most prominent religions. I don’t think the problem is excessive coverage.

  39. Andjam Says:

    My reference to self-loathing Australians was a bit of short-hand for those promoting moral equivalence and the like. Those who are ashamed of their country.

  40. LiberalVoter Says:


    This is a courtesy note to advise that the LiberalVoter blog has:

    1) Liked one of the comments on your blog so much, we re-published it.
    2) Linked to your blog in acknowledgement of the use of the comment.

    Sorry we didn’t contact you prior to republishing the comment. Since LiberalVoter is an attempt to inject some much-needed humour into the Australian political blogosphere, we hope you’ll forgive our impudence.



  41. yobbo Says:

    Thanks for the Spam, LiberalVoter. By the way, did you know I’m a Liberal voter?

  42. Darlene Says:

    Hi Yob, just thought I’d pop in and be my usual boring PC self.

    You love it, and even if you don’t, I’m still going to do it.

    “You can’t deport Hilaly any more than you can deport me. He is an Australian citizen.”

    Very sensible statement and totally true. Besides if they deported everybody who made a sexist statement, well, the country would consist of boring old PC people like myself. Five old feminists don’t make a country. The hypocrisy over the Hilaly scandal was hilarious. I’ll expect to see all those conservative boys who were outraged by it at the next women’s collective meeting.

    Of course, there are some blokes who consider women getting cheap or free booze as being discriminatory against them.

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