Bowled Shane

So Warney is going to retire after the boxing day test. Cricket will never be the same without him. Here’s a look at some of the best wickets of his career.

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14 Comments on “Bowled Shane”

  1. Liam Says:

    He’s a drug cheat, simple as that. Using banned substances professionally should only be allowed for Tour de France cyclists and musicians.

  2. yobbo Says:

    Winnie blues aren’t performance enhancing.

  3. SimonC Says:

    Well, it wasn’t so much ‘allowed’ as ‘punished’. Unless you think that after people have served their time, they shouldn’t be allowed to move on with their lives.

  4. Glen Says:

    He’s a true yobbo so it’s very fitting for him to be featured on this blog.

  5. mister z Says:

    Apparently Warne’s redemption won’t be complete for Liam until he dies with a stingray barb in his chest. He cheated, copped the ban… hell the rest probably lengthened his career by a couple of years!

  6. Liam Says:

    Presumably you’d think the fine swimmers and gymnasts of the German Democratic Republic should retain their gold medals from the 1970s and 1980s, mister z. There’s a big difference between off-field stuff about which nobody should give a rat’s, and the abuse of a steroid masking agent which he knew was illegal.

  7. Orpheus Says:

    Not to mention the bookie scandal. That was worse, in my opinion. Yobbo seems to be good at calling out the Pakistani cheats for what they are, but strangely blind to young Shane.

  8. yobbo Says:

    Why don’t you tell us what happened in the bookie scandal then Orpheus, and then justify why that’s worse than cheating.

  9. murph Says:


    1, He was suspended for using a banned diuretic which can be used as a masking agent. It wasn’t steroids or any other performance enhancer

    2. Go blow yourself

  10. Tony.T Says:

    Yeahhhh – stacks on Liam. Orpheus, too.

    I agree with Zed, the year off was good for Shane. Pity he didn’t take extra advantage of it by playing another three years.

  11. hc Says:

    I feel sad that Shane is gone and wish he had stuck around for a few more years. Watching him bowl – both live and on TV – gave me as much cricketing pleasure as any bowler I have watched – my distant memories of Richioe Benaud, Alan Davidson, Dennis Lillee and Tommo all come close. He was also an (unexpectedly?) sensible commentator on the game. His off-field antics are his business – who cares.

  12. sdfc Says:


    Got caught using a masking agent shortly after making an amazingly speedy recovery from a shoulder injury just in time to compete in the world cup.

    He’s a great bowler and you need to wake up.

  13. Tex Says:

    Meh, he’s still a bogan wanker

  14. Michael Says:

    You cunts are fucked. Warney is the greatest

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