Best. Christmas. Ever.

I must have been really good this year because Father Christmas bought me just what I always wanted. A small party on a friend’s farm was the plan for Christmas eve, but the plan quickly changed when the girls mentioned that the next house down the road had a group of backpackers staying there who were stuck without a car or somewhere to go.

I volunteered for the mission. Imagine my surprise when I found this – in the middle of nowhere on Christmas Eve…

(click for full size)

Holy Mary, mother of god!


My already good mood improved considerably.


Blog fan “Doogs” was also impressed.


As was my little brother, who attacked poor Jessica (from Taiwan) with a marron.


Quickly attracting the attention of his girlfriend, who decided to run interference.


All the essentials for a Christmas Party.


Young Farmer of the year Shane and Amateur porn star Bradon1002943912.jpg

“Nonono…Adam Hunter copied ME!” He lied.


Bradon, Lauren (French barmaid), Fannie (Belgian barmaid), Jessica (Taiwanese tree planter), Anita (Canadian Tree Planter)


O, Canada!


Beauty and the Beast


And there’s me again, thanking Jesus.

Happy holidays indeed.

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9 Comments on “Best. Christmas. Ever.”

  1. Johnnie Says:

    Rock on Dude

  2. Rosie Says:

    Bradon – Amateur Porn Star…
    I love it! jk Bradon

  3. Steve Says:

    Good show man!

    Best wishes to you

  4. os Says:

    Doesn’t seem fair.

  5. Tough … better luck next time.

  6. Deyago Says:

    Lucky bastard. I ended up with Ms Deyago entertaining the both sides of the outlaws, weeeeee! And you get hot foreign backpackers……must be a cosmic reward for all the nice Asian shots you share.

  7. Cousin Michael Says:

    Nice work Sam. I’m very proud of your multicultural research. Keep up the good work!

  8. bradon Says:

    amateur porn star not fair i practice hard in my dreams! And piss off rosie.

  9. Ronia Says:

    Imaging of this blog is very beautiful.

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