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Shed Drinking Epidemic Worsens

January 24, 2007

Strangely enough, the draconian smoking bans being imposed across Australia aren’t having the desired effect. Instead of giving up their ungodly habit, smokers are instead staying home and drinking – an approach that has apparently taken the AHA by surprise.

Sly-grogging in sheds, garages and backyards had been reported in about 30 towns across Tasmania, with up to two or three unlicensed premises per town, Australian Hotels Association, Tasmanian manager Daniel Hanna said.

Most reports were from regional or country areas, although some “shed drinking” was occurring in the suburbs, usually in areas with a large proportion of traditional clientele, such as smokers not interested in gaming facilities.

So now, because of restraints of trade placed on them by do-gooders, the AHA is now trying to get “shed-drinking” (otherwise known as sharing an esky with your mates) banned so they can still earn a buck.

After all, this dangerous new practice experts are terming “Having a drink at home with your mates” is incredibly dangerous and irresponsible:

“There is no responsible serving of alcohol, no supervision of minors, these places are not licensed and they are not regulated.

“The situation is setting the scene for irresponsible drinking, drink-driving and the sale of alcohol to minors.”

The AHA is willing to go to utterly ridiculous rhetorical lengths to shut down this worrying situation:

“It’s an illegal activity no different from drug-pushing. We want it nipped in the bud as quickly as possible,” he said.

So, when the cops come knocking on your door this Australia day, just remember when you supported the smoking ban, nanny-state-lovers. And remember how you pooh-poohed the slippery slope argument against it.

The cops can have my esky when they pry it from my cold, dead hands.