Shed Drinking Epidemic Worsens

Strangely enough, the draconian smoking bans being imposed across Australia aren’t having the desired effect. Instead of giving up their ungodly habit, smokers are instead staying home and drinking – an approach that has apparently taken the AHA by surprise.

Sly-grogging in sheds, garages and backyards had been reported in about 30 towns across Tasmania, with up to two or three unlicensed premises per town, Australian Hotels Association, Tasmanian manager Daniel Hanna said.

Most reports were from regional or country areas, although some “shed drinking” was occurring in the suburbs, usually in areas with a large proportion of traditional clientele, such as smokers not interested in gaming facilities.

So now, because of restraints of trade placed on them by do-gooders, the AHA is now trying to get “shed-drinking” (otherwise known as sharing an esky with your mates) banned so they can still earn a buck.

After all, this dangerous new practice experts are terming “Having a drink at home with your mates” is incredibly dangerous and irresponsible:

“There is no responsible serving of alcohol, no supervision of minors, these places are not licensed and they are not regulated.

“The situation is setting the scene for irresponsible drinking, drink-driving and the sale of alcohol to minors.”

The AHA is willing to go to utterly ridiculous rhetorical lengths to shut down this worrying situation:

“It’s an illegal activity no different from drug-pushing. We want it nipped in the bud as quickly as possible,” he said.

So, when the cops come knocking on your door this Australia day, just remember when you supported the smoking ban, nanny-state-lovers. And remember how you pooh-poohed the slippery slope argument against it.

The cops can have my esky when they pry it from my cold, dead hands.

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24 Comments on “Shed Drinking Epidemic Worsens”

  1. The Devil Drink Says:

    Illegal grog shops, huh. You know, pretty soon they’ll start making poitín and be transported for it.
    Seriously though, the Tasmanians should be ashamed if they’re actually charging their mates for shed beer. That’s unAustralian.

  2. Ben Says:

    “The situation is setting the scene for irresponsible drinking, drink-driving and the sale of alcohol to minors.”

    I like the drink-driving bit. Wouldn’t staying at home with your mates reduce drink-driving? I know when my mates come around and we get on the piss, they stay over for the night and don’t go near a car. On the other hand drinking at a pub would increase the risk of drink-driving – you can’t stay over the night and there is a lack of taxis around…what’s a man supposed to do?

  3. clarky Says:

    Guys, you do realise that they are talking about the “speak-easy” type setup don’t you? Where people pay “tips” rather than for the beer. I did here an interview with a dude running one in Tassie on JJJ last week. Then again, maybe you are just taking the piss (in which case I sound like a tool)

    PS Banning smoking in pubs and clubs is the best thing to happen in years. Now all they need to do is get rid of the cancer known as pokies.

  4. Pedro the Ignorant Says:

    Ha ha ha.
    The biter bitten,
    The AHA can get fucked.

  5. PS Banning smoking in pubs and clubs is the best thing to happen in years. Now all they need to do is get rid of the cancer known as pokies.

    Once the pokies are gone then it will be time to stop pubs serving alcohol so we can all drive home safely and so there are less fights and other nasty happenings.

    Another round of milk and cookies anybody?

  6. AD Says:

    I am all for the idea of illegal grog shops where you can smoke, swear and be politically incorrect. Fuck the nanny-staters.

    How do we get the address for the one in Scarborough.

  7. yobbo Says:

    Be here for Australia Day.

  8. Brendan Halfweeg Says:

    I had a mate who was running his own shed near Bells Beach, Victoria back in 1999 – he got sick and tired of all his moocher mates coming around and drinking all his piss, so he installed a vending machine and charged essentially cost price.

    Screw them all to hell, the answer will be private members clubs. Not sure what the law is in Australia, but there are plenty of them in England, and bound to be quite a few more once the no smoking regulations kick in soon. Apparently they don’t apply to clubs here.

  9. Tim K Says:

    As a former resident of Tasmania (not born there though, so don’t start), it gets bloody cold at night having to go outside for a smoke. I miss the days (and nights) of a nice warm country pub, a frosty Boags and a packet of Marlboro Reds.

    A lot of Tassie sheds include a toasty wood stove and qualify as the man’s personal lounge room with tv, tunes and beer fridge. Why wouldn’t mates get together with eskies and drink here rather than a pub?

  10. yobbo Says:

    Because that would be irresponsible. Drinking without the guidance of a 19 year old bartender is dangerous.

  11. Big Al Says:

    Bought fags from the machine in the pub.

    But you sold them to me…

    Went for a snakes in the car-park
    But I bought my piss here…

    Can’t eat nuts cos they’re packed in a place that processes nuts…can’t get a root…can’t get home…


    Australian Hotels Association

  12. In case someone has got the wrong idea, (Pedro) the AHA opposed the smoking bans. Vehemently.

    I wrote a submission themed on the holistic benefits of allowing adults males access to tobacco. It was discarded, however some much more influential & erudite hoteliers who work on many AHA submissions.

    I have also written submissions strongly opposing:
    Laws which will mandate that “crowd controllers” must be on duty if a pub is open, and
    Laws which force pubs to provide water free of charge,

    Big Al, You seem a big enough dickhead to fit right in with my clientele. Come on in, get a skinful & sprout more ridiculous suggestions!

  13. yobbo Says:

    That doesn’t change the fact that the AHA has continually opposed the right of consumers to consume alcohol in their own homes, whether through the opposition of Sunday Liquor trading (to prevent competition) or with this latest fiasco.

    They have also continually opossed any legislation making it easier to get a liquor license (to prevent competition).

    If the AHA wants people to drink in its members’ pubs, they should tell their members to make their pubs more attractive. Especially the WA members.

  14. Hugh Says:

    So, um, “Mudguts”, what are the bar prices like at the SMCC? And can I assume the patrons will be gathered around a TV watching the Aus v Eng match?

  15. Scott Wickstein Says:

    I went for a long country drive last weekend to visit some relatives, and I took the long way home, so at dinnertime, I still wasn’t back in Adelaide- I was a few hours out of town. So I pulled over to that great Australian institution, the great Australian Bush pub, for a counter meal.

    To my surprise and delight, there were all the signs telling people to not smoke, and all the locals were completely ignoring them, including the bar staff. It gladdened my wee little heart. I’m seriously thinking about packing up and moving out of the city.

    Country Australia, I had forgotten, is wonderfully immune to this sort of nonsense.

  16. […] Shed drinking epidemic worsens – Yobbo suspects the Australian Hotels Association of orchestrating an unAustralian campaign to stop Aussie blokes from drinking at home with their mates. Enter your email address to receive Missing Link in your email inbox: […]

  17. We must have encountered some state differences. People drinking in their shed can either home brew (perfectly legal) or buy from a pub (only pubs can sell take away grog)

    Drinking at home is perfectly legal. Question for the AHA, how do mates drinking in the shed differ from mates drinking at the BBQ on the patio, or friends having wine at the dining table?

    However if in the shed money is changing hands in return for grog, even at cost price, then there is an illegal activity happening, & authorities will take an interest, possibly laying charges. Though I have never known the QHA to do a thing about actual instances of this. A very difficult thing to prove, & most such clandestine grog operations involve very few people & tend to not last all that long anyway (a year or two at most)

    Handy to know the AHA is capable of paying some attention to members interests, there are a few other of their responsibilities which they might like to dust off before they get rusty.

  18. yobbo Says:

    “However if in the shed money is changing hands in return for grog, even at cost price, then there is an illegal activity happening”

    So if 3 friends decide to split the cost of a carton 3 ways, that is illegal?

  19. Mark Hill Says:

    “Drinking without the guidance of a 19 year old bartender is dangerous.”


  20. jacko Says:

    i have a shed bar and they will never take my beer alive ! They can stick their poker machines up their arses, your shout boys!

  21. jacko Says:


  22. now we are fussing and now we are fightin. Serafino Raimondo.

  23. alistair hairy man of footy show Says:

    i happen to have a full bar set up in my lounge
    affectionatley known as carpet layers arms
    temprite optics pool darts widescreen internet punting smoking
    all legal
    you drive here you stay;

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