Australia Day Address

From who else?

The tracksuit is a pisser.

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7 Comments on “Australia Day Address”

  1. AD Says:

    I’ve got a problem here – I don’t eat red meat – what does that make me????

  2. Steve Says:

    A potential future Australian

  3. Steve Says:

    Live in hope, son, one day you’ll get there!

  4. Pedro the Ignorant Says:

    Is this the best marketing campaign ever devised in Oz?

    Bloody brilliant in my book.

    Keysar Trad mightn’t think so, however.

  5. Patrick Says:

    Yes it’s good, but I won’t be repeating the lines to my mates like I will the Chopper video “Harden the fuck up”. That is pure gold.

    Surely there’s a position for Chopper in the Howard ministry? I’m thinking something that would suit his special talents… education? Foreign relations? No, wait a minute: Ambassador to the UN. Chopper would be perfect.

  6. jimmythespiv Says:

    Loved when he pulled the kid’s pants up !

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