Australia Day RUINED!!!!

Cricket Australia should quite simply “strongly recommend” that touring teams elect to bowl if they win the toss, in order to ensure that cricket matches go for a minimum of 2 hours.

This entire series has been a complete disgrace. If I was head of the ECB, I would take my team home immediately. What are they trying to accomplish here?

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6 Comments on “Australia Day RUINED!!!!”

  1. Gibbo Says:

    Piss Poor doesn’t even begin to describe it! Oh well, at least I can go and watch my 18 year old son play today. Local grade cricket is of a much higher standard than the best the poms can offer.

  2. hc Says:

    I’ve pre-booked to go with my son to the first Final. I felt at bit sick with the performance I saw yesterday. Hopefully New Zealand will meet Australia in that final – NZ were a bit unlucky to lose in Sydney and are at least a bunch of fighters.

    To be fair the Brits have shown moments of strength and they are playing a very strong Australian side. But, yes, it was humiliating for the Brits and a ripoff for the fans who saw less than 25 overs of Aussi batting and only about 35 for their opposition.

  3. jayjay Says:

    Thank heavens for the domestic competition – at least we can get just that – COMPETITION!

  4. Sinclair Davidson Says:

    Harry – you’re being very generous. The English bowling is okay, not good but okay, and their batting is shocking. I’ve watching the South African games on Fax (versus India and Pakistan).

  5. Sinclair Davidson Says:

    Sorry, FOX not fax.

  6. jimmythespiv Says:

    NZ did alright last night !

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