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Agenda Revealed

January 29, 2007

Senator Andrew Bartlett, who claims to be an “environmentalist”, accidentally lets the cat out of the bag in his latest water post.

According to The Courier-Mail, the Coca-Cola factory at Richlands is one of Brisbane’s top 10 water users. I’m not sure market forces would work with Coke somehow, as you could raise the price of water one hundredfold and they’d probably still make a profit selling it for the same price they are now, although they might have to reduce their advertising budget by 0.1% to cover the extra cost.

But Andrew, I thought the point was to save water, not to reduce the profits of Coca-Cola? There are of course many more water-intensive industries than Coca-Cola (for example: Just about all of them) which WOULD be significantly affected by increasing the price of water, but not all of them are evil, profitable multinationals, so they don’t rate a mention.

A lot of people who really just hate commerce like to hide behind the facade of environmentalism. And Andrew Bartlett is most definitely one of them. Scratch an environmentalist and you find a socialist a majority of the time.