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Cartel Protects Self

February 2, 2007

Sydney taxi-blogger Adrian Neylan has given up trying to defend his corrupt industry from reason:

Okay Yobbo, enough of your rubbish. No longer can you use Cablog to indulge in willful supposition, post sneering comments or twist my words to suit your own agenda. This constant negative attitude towards myself, other cabbies and the industry has become infantile and boring.

You want to change taxi industry policy ? Campaign somewhere else until you learn basic comprehension and honest debate. Congratulations on being Cablog’s first sin-binned commentor. All comments using the name ‘Yobbo’ are blocked for thirty days.

The comment that broke the cabbies back?

Whatever Lee. I have maintained a long-standing opposition to taxi regulation since before Adrian even started this blog, as he can tell you.

Yes, the taxi and hire car industry is regulated. Whether one agrees with regulation or not that’s the way it is.

Obviously not many people do Adrian, or the touts would be wasting their time.

It’s not good enough to just say “This is what the legislation says so this is the best way”. Not all laws are made with the intention of being beneficial. This legislation is purely in place to protect the profits of taxi-plate owners, a considerably powerful lobby group in most Australian states.

And the people who are harmed by it are the 99.9% of the general public who do not drive taxis.

I may be some sort of far-right radical, but I don’t believe in laws that advantage 0.01% of the population to the detriment of the other 99.9%.

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