Women Behaving Badly

Another everday incidence of drunk trouble-makers being justly thrown out of licensed premises in the name of public safety:

TWO women who kissed each other in a New Zealand bar are claiming discrimination after they were thrown out by a bouncer.

According to a report in the Dominion Post newspaper, Lydia Boyd and Steph Hansen were told to leave the Grumpy Mole Saloon in Christchurch on Saturday night after the pair kissed on the dancefloor.

The two women, both aged 18, said the move was blatant discrimination.

“It was completely discriminatory. There’s straight couples doing it all the time. They’re practically having sex on the dancefloor,” said Ms Boyd, who declared herself bisexual.

“Bisexual” being code for “Attention-seeking fake lesbian”. Those girls give me the shits too. I wonder if they were issued with a move-on notice?

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33 Comments on “Women Behaving Badly”

  1. steve munn Says:

    Yes but this has nothing to do with your case, does it Yobs?

    Kissing the Maori bouncers at the Elephant and Wheelbarrow was never going to be a good idea.

    Accept the facts Yobs, you cannot behave yourself when you’ve had a few too many shandies.

  2. yobbo Says:

    You need to come up with some new schtick Steve.

  3. Samizdata contributor Paul Marks hit the nail on the head with his critique of the business of legislating against discrimination:

    To forbid “discrimination” is to violate basic freedom – not just religious freedom, any freedom.

    Exactly. I look forward to the day the familiar “end discrimination!” screech is seen as the utterance of a would-be tyrant, rather than a near-universal rallying point for the self-righteous.

  4. Lydia Boyd Says:

    Hi, I am Lydia Boyd, I was not very drunk. It was not just. That is all

  5. It was completely just, Lydia. These two individuals were on someone else’s property. The property owner/s should be able to make anyone on their property leave for any darn reason they care to name – even when it involves bigotry against lesbians, blacks, Jews or people who breathe.

    Private property’s a bitch, innit?

  6. yobbo Says:

    Lydia: A pub is private property. The reason I posted this isn’t to say whether or not you being evicted is “fair” or not, but simply to make the point that bouncers can and frequently do evict patrons for any reason they want, even reasons as simple as “I don’t like you”.

    What is unjust, is then being forced to move from a public footpath because the bouncer doesn’t like you.

  7. Lydia Boyd Says:

    No it was clearly wrong. I could take it further, and probably would have, if the manager hadnt cried when i went to see her today. It seems that none of the bouncers on that night were their regular bouncers and had infact never worked there again. If it was just why was she SOOOOOO sorry?

  8. yobbo Says:

    “It seems that none of the bouncers on that night were their regular bouncers and had infact never worked there again.”

    Yeah, right. If you believe that I have a bridge to sell you.

    “If it was just why was she SOOOOOO sorry?”

    Because she doesn’t want to have to answer to the Human Rights Commission. If I was you I would take it further. They should pay for employing idiot bouncers and you could probably use the money.

    Claim extreme emotional distress due to being the subject of homophobic discrimination and cry your eyes out.

    I don’t think it’s unjust, because a private business should have the right to refuse customers if they want to.

    That doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of a useless organisation like the “Human Rights Commission” and expose it for being a sham in the process. Go for it.

  9. yobbo Says:

    Of course, you should probably not let on that you aren’t really a lesbian and were just kissing your friend to tease the blokes, you might find they look down on pretending to be a “victimised minority”.

  10. I agree that it wasn’t fair.

    I believe that a pub has the right to discriminate… but that doesn’t make it fair.

    And yobbo… perhaps fake lesbians are a victimised minority too?

  11. yobbo Says:

    I don’t think it’s fair that my ability to enjoy a night out rests with the reasoning power of a steroid-monkey with an IQ of 80 either. But the fact is it’s their property, if they want to kick out perfectly good customers then it’s their loss.

    What is *not* fair is giving the police the power to evict people from *public* property on the say-so of the aforementioned steroid-monkeys.

  12. AD Says:

    Thank god its friday soon.

  13. yobbo Says:

    I promise I will actually post one this week too AD 🙂

  14. John is right – I too believe that what we’re told took place was unfair. However, my subjective opinion doesn’t mean jack when it comes to someone else’s control over their property.

  15. In Queensland I can evict anyone from a pub, at any time, without supplying a reason. I don’t have to give a reason, presumably even to the authorities, were the matter to be dragged to court.

    However I cannot evict someone for an unlawful reason. That is, if I throw them out because they are: homosexual, black, asian, disabled, elderly, belong to a political party, etc etc etc etc etc.

    The actual reason I throw people out is if their behaviour is unacceptable by standards of decency. I have evicted for the following:
    King hitting men 50 years older than you
    fighting in the corridors
    refusing to pay
    rudeness to barmaids
    assaulting barmaids
    stealing other customers money
    vandalising the premises
    assaulting girls
    screaming abuse at strangers
    urinating in girls handbags
    menacing older/weaker people for money,
    … & so on…

    When the evictee is gathering support to “get” me from parents, friends & others, they never mention why they were evicted, it is always because of “no reason” or because they are “black” or something.

    I have NEVER, and would never, throw out any two girls for kissing each other. Even two men wouldn’t get thrown out for that. (not by me or other staff anyway….)

    Methinks there could be more to the story.

  16. yobbo Says:

    Methinks there could be more to the story.

    Why defend people you don’t even know? Just because you don’t evict people for stupid reasons doesn’t mean that everyone is the same.

    You can’t do it because you are in a remote location and aren’t often packed full.

    City pubs, especially in highly regulated places like Western Australia can and do evict people for any reason they like, especially because there is usually a line 100m long outside and it doesnt hurt their bottom line at all.

  17. As indeed Yobbo you are jumping to lay the boot into bouncers.. (er.. “security providers”) you don’t even know.

    My guess (prepared to be proved incorrect) is that the story is not what we have been told.

    Can you imagine even the most neanderthal bouncer being enraged by the sight of two chicks pashing off …. & throwing them out?

    I do think there is more to the story. But it is my estimate, based on professional experience that the girls’ story is fairly close to it.

    Er.. I can live with you calling my place a hick joint with no customers, I generally don’t discuss specifics of business, but keep in mind that my “remote” and “not often packed full” hostelry does employ around 60 FTE.

  18. yobbo Says:

    I’m not having a go at you Steve, I’ve read your blog and it implies you are in a remote area.

    I can imagine scenarios where a pub might want to put a stop to girls pashing on the dance floor. For one thing, it gets the boys excited, and a big part of the bouncer’s job is making sure the boys don’t get too excited.

    And there may be some reason the bouncer didn’t like them. Bouncers are human (barely) and have emotions. They frequently make irrational decisions. Maybe one of the chicks knocked him back earlier.

  19. Mark Hill Says:

    I reckon the girls were wronged. Did someone tell them that lipstick lesbians are not permitted to pash?

    Sure the pub can discriminate, but if they paid a covercharge and it was not a condition of entry, or unless they did it more than once they were wronged.

    Anyway. What kind of idiot throws people out for behaviour which isn’t violent, threatening or doesn’t damage proeprty? Were they annoying everyone else? Was this a pub packed full of religious fundamentalists?

  20. Tex Says:

    “Those girls give me the shits too. ”

    WTF?? You turning homo on us?

  21. steve munn Says:

    Yobs says:

    “What is unjust, is then being forced to move from a public footpath because the bouncer doesn’t like you.”

    Yes, but you Libertarians seem to want to privatise everything. What if the footpaths, roads etc are also privatised? What then if the property owner doesn’t like you for some reason and will not permit your use of his property?

  22. yobbo Says:

    If that was the case, you might have a point. It’s not though. Try again Munn.

  23. Joseph Clark Says:

    “fake lesbians give me the shits”

    Fair enough, but I just want to state my wholehearted support for
    the fake lesbians of this world who provide us all with such
    enjoyable viewing.

  24. jimmythespiv Says:

    I’m with Joe on this. If I were the publican I would encourage chicas pashing on the dance floor- Imagine all the blokes queuing to buy them drinks !

  25. Lydia Boyd Says:

    I was harrassed last night by the head bouncer from saturday night. He started yelling as swearing at me as i walked innocently by. I was told to “shove it up my ass, you stupid lesbian ho-bag” if i was a fake bi-sexual as has been implied, why would i go to the newspaper and open myself up to such things. And tell my christians parents about it too, honestly.

  26. Andjam Says:

    I can imagine scenarios where a pub might want to put a stop to girls pashing on the dance floor. For one thing, it gets the boys excited, and a big part of the bouncer’s job is making sure the boys don’t get too excited.

    That’d be a bit like “uncovered meat” thinking – don’t throw out the boys who persist in inappropriate advances, throw out the girls instead. (Not that I’m saying that you condone such thinking)

  27. yobbo Says:

    The inside of a bar or nightclub isn’t a wider reflection on society. Bars can and do throw people out for any reason they want, including maintaining gender balance and not liking their outfit.

  28. Mark Hill Says:

    I still reckon if you get let in after paying a covercharge with a dress code, “not liking their outfit” seems to be a breach of contract.

  29. Andrew Says:

    Wonder what would what the bouncers would have done if it were 2 hairy blokes

  30. Achmad Sudarsono Says:

    Dear All,

    I just wanted to say that I am an Indonesian man and have suffered abuse and threats by Steve at the Pub online. He has insulted my holy religion of Islam and said menacing things like “Australians fight for fun,” and “beware to our enemies,” and implied that I am his enemy. I am just a humble Indonesian man who likes to play the Ukuele and not make trouble. Why does Steve threaten me ?

  31. Sam Ward Says:

    Nobody cares Achmed.

  32. Mule Says:

    If bouncers were any good, they would go to a police academy and get a job where they had to answer to some sort of standards. Most are brainless thugs that just love throwing their weight around. Ms Boyd should have offered them a head job. They would have then let her stay and let in her 15 year old sister as well. The quicker people sue these arse holes the better.

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