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February 12, 2007

One of the unfortunate facts of life for those of us who like Asian girls is that Asian parents are not usually all that keen on the idea of their daughter dating a foreigner. So it’s usually a well-kept secret. And when the secret gets out, the shit hits the fan:

When I come to Korea I often stay with HH. Unlike most unmarried Korean girls HH lives alone and so there are no parents to dodge. But like all good Korean girls she can’t let her mum know that she is letting an evil pegin (white guy) stay at her house.

During the week HH leaves early for work while I laze about, go and get something to eat and eventually use her computer to do some blogging and/or work. But today her mum decided to pay her a surprise visit and much to her surprise she found me at the house! Opps.

Now there’s trouble. Mum is angry at HH and I have been banished until peace can be restored. So now that my plans for a peaceful and relaxing couple of weeks have been disrupted I have to find a new place to stay and a new plan.

Perhaps John’s new plan should be getting the hell out of Korea before the racial purity police come knocking on his door. Or this guy.