World Of Whorecraft

It seems I’m not the only person hopelessly addicted to World Of Warcraft:


I’m sure Harry Clarke will be campaigning to have the game banned any time now…

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16 Comments on “World Of Whorecraft”

  1. yobbo Says:

    5000 gold on World of Warcraft is about $250 us dollars worth as far as I know, so it’s not even a particularly generous offer. She is only 18 though….

  2. ChrisV82 Says:

    Sex “IRL” is the best kind of sex because it’s, you know, real.

  3. Bruce Says:

    Would she be an ‘epic’ mount?

    fnar fnar…

  4. hc Says:

    My first attempt to comment several days ago got eaten. You are unkind Yobbo – I have in fact commented favourably on Second Life which is a more adult version of the type of game you are playing.

    But I am glad you are playing World of Whorecraft – it will keep you out of Bangkok’s insidious nightspots (Patpong, Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza, Grace Hotel) and will thereby help reduce the incidence of STDs in the West.

  5. Karlos Says:

    actually 5000 gold is about $800 aussie dollars so I’m assuming she is spending the night…

  6. She’d have to root like a rattlesnake for that sort of money.

  7. Desktopjunk Says:

    Thanks, always good posts on your blog!

  8. Brendan Halfweeg Says:

    I had a look at that WoW game thru a newspaper giveaway. I can see how it sucks time, time I don’t have because I have a first life.

  9. Princess josie Says:

    Hey there Brendan,

    The Yob doesn’t appear to have claimed the existence of a ‘first life’ as far as I can see. Let’s not be too hard on him then, hey? How ’bout we let him have this pseudo life playing WOW while he waits for the Thai tan to fade along with his ear-to-ear grin. XX

  10. Chris Fryer Says:

    No, not you too Yobbo.

  11. Matt Says:

    Hey yobbo, this might help:

  12. Come on Sam… now that people are voting for best libertarian solo-blog you’ve got to at least write something. A rant? A u-tube? A girl friday?

  13. omgwowplayer Says:

    5k gold in WoW is about $300 USD for her server, that’s the cheapest I found.

    Or she could just buck up and farm primals for a week and save herself the degredation.

  14. haveyourstuff Says:

    Maybe she likes being degraded.

  15. Lil Ben Says:

    you guys r all fags, ill do ya for 5k honey no prob, just give me the details and im there

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