How do West Coast fucking dare to wear the WA State Of Origin jumper in heritage round? Who the fuck do they think they are?

I hope their plane crashes someday real soon. That is all.

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13 Comments on “Disgrace”

  1. BRADON Says:

    wardy wats active x is it safe and why do i need it for down loading photos and where do i find it wats ur email ad. you done a ladyboy yet you know you want to! oh yeah and the jumper thing aint right its bullshit! later cheers.

  2. yobbo Says:

    hi Bradon 😀

    Don’t download any activex shit. If its on a porn site it probably has a virus.

  3. Anthony_ Says:

    Hmm you could agrue that the ’92 and ’94 premierships were pretty much state teams. Oh and finally go Bulldogs 😉

  4. Yobbo Says:

    You could also argue that West Coast should have to wear skins during Heritage round, since they have no heritage. They are the AFL equivalent of a boy band.

  5. Yobbo Says:

    The eagles are the team that did most to contribute to death of State of Origin in any case, wearing the jumper is just pissing on its grave.

  6. Anthony_ Says:

    Lol good comeback mate, yeah I am no fan of the Eagles either 🙂

  7. Patrick Says:

    Why are AFL teams wearing Origin jerseys anyway? I thought they gave up Origin? There would be a civil war if Brisbane tried to do this in the NRL, even though Brisbane would have more right to it than the West Coast. Anyway, how many West Coast players are even from WA. I thought AFL had drafts??? So why would people who arent from WA wear their Origin jersey.

  8. Yobbo Says:

    Because they are fucktards basically.

  9. Brendan Halfweeg Says:

    Yob, what jersey did Freo wear? Surely a South Fremantle one, not one of thoise asshole Sharks jerseys I hope.

  10. Yobbo Says:

    They wore East Freo jersey to avoid a clash because they were playing Sydney. Nice scheduling there AFL.

  11. Brendan Halfweeg Says:

    Bastards. South Freo is the home of football in Fremantle.

    Mind you, Freo are pants this year. 6 wins from 14 game? No wonder I hardly pay attention to the AFL anymore.

  12. Yobbo Says:

    Yeah, we suck. Connolly has to go.

  13. Hammy Says:

    Sorry Yobbo but that would see them undeservedly immortalised. At least they would be able to read about it in the morning’s paper.

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