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We’ll Boo If We Want To

July 22, 2007

Australian Cricketers have been told to toe the line:

Don’t boo Murali, pleads Symonds

Andrew Symonds has implored Australian crowds to celebrate the feats of Sri Lankan spin wizard Muttiah Muralitharan if he eclipses Shane Warne’s world record this summer

A quick summation of Muralitharan’s notable feats:

1.) Taken more wickets against Bangladesh than any bowler in test history.

2.) Blatantly cheated for more than 10 years while somehow avoiding being thrown out of the game.

3.) Invented a delivery that is physically impossible to deliver without cheating.

While the second feat is quite remarkable, cheating doesn’t warrant any sort of celebration. Unless you meant a celebratory cry of “No-Ball!” every time he touches it.