We’ll Boo If We Want To

Australian Cricketers have been told to toe the line:

Don’t boo Murali, pleads Symonds

Andrew Symonds has implored Australian crowds to celebrate the feats of Sri Lankan spin wizard Muttiah Muralitharan if he eclipses Shane Warne’s world record this summer

A quick summation of Muralitharan’s notable feats:

1.) Taken more wickets against Bangladesh than any bowler in test history.

2.) Blatantly cheated for more than 10 years while somehow avoiding being thrown out of the game.

3.) Invented a delivery that is physically impossible to deliver without cheating.

While the second feat is quite remarkable, cheating doesn’t warrant any sort of celebration. Unless you meant a celebratory cry of “No-Ball!” every time he touches it.

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14 Comments on “We’ll Boo If We Want To”

  1. Anthony_ Says:

    Ahh I used to love shouting “chucker” at the G.

  2. Anthony_ Says:

    Ahh what you mean I cant go to the MCG and yell “chucker”?

  3. hc Says:

    Sometimes when I watch Brett Lee it looks like he bends his arm.

  4. Anthony_ Says:

    Woops got errors with wordpress yesterday said my original post did not submit. I guess it did 🙂

  5. nick Says:

    How long do you think Murali would last at a casino?

    ‘It’s just my bent arm, dealer…’
    ‘Have another one, on the house!’

  6. nick Says:

    Thankfully, most of Brett Lee’s arm bending occurs off the field of play. And, FFS, he bends his arm less playing the guitar than Murali does with his stock ball.

  7. pamthree Says:

    an they changed the bending rule just to allow mc grath, breet lee not to be been named as chuckers.

    warne is a gr4eat bowler, but murali is a geniuous

    now stop been racist and go on living life

  8. Yobbo Says:

    Actually I think you’ll find they changed it to allow MURALI not to be named as a chucker. Even putting McGrath in your sentence names you as a moron. He has zero bend, unlike Lee who does occasionally bend for his bouncer.

    Murali is a cheat.

    You fail at godwining.

  9. Patrick Says:

    I actually just read that article and was almost sure that you would have a response. You also forgot to mention that Murali bowls from one end all day with little support from the other. Chaminda Vaas, whilst being a good bowler, is surely no Glenn McGrath, Jason Gillepsie, Brett Lee, Michael Kasperwicz or Craig McDermott. So Murali is somewhat destined to take the wickets. Sri Lanka were a much better team before Murali started playing, and I think that they will be better once that he retires. Murali will always have a shadow over his career because, if he was the champion that his record suggests, Sri Lanka would have been one of the great teams of all time.

  10. yobbo Says:

    Chaminda Vaas is better than all of the bowlers you named except McGrath. He’s a very good bowler, and the man who *should* hold the title of “Sri Lanka’s Best”. His one-day record in particular is second-to-none, and that includes bowlers like Akram and McGrath.

    He is pretty damn good in tests too. But like you said, Murali takes more wickets because fast bowlers can’t bowl 50 overs a day.

  11. Patrick Says:

    McGrath – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glenn_McGrath ODI- 381 – 22.02(dont know his runs an over rate, but I think it is very small). Tests- 563 – 21.64
    Vaas – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chaminda_Vaas ODI – 383 – 26.78. Tests- 319- 29.21
    McDermott – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Craig_McDermott ODI- 203 – 24.71. Tests- 291 – 28.63
    Gillepsie – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jason_Gillespie ODI – 142 – 25.42. Tests- 259 – 26.08
    Lee – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brett_Lee ODI – 267 – 22.65. Tests- 231 – 31.60

    I would take any of the Aussies ahead of Vaas.

  12. Strider Says:

    To be honest, I have always found cricket a rather dull sport. If we aren’t allowed to boo and heckle the opposition (or for that matter, clowns like Shane Warne), then there is very little pleasure to be gotten from actually wasting an arvo or a week at the cricket.

    Might as well stay home and watch it on the TV with a few cold ones.

  13. jackojoy Says:

    murali a cheatin c***…end of story, warne a legend. enough said

  14. retro Says:

    It’s a shame what happened to Bangladesh. I hope the world steps up and helps them.

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