But How Much Do You Loooooooooooose?!

This is mostly for the benefit of my mum, who is always worried that I’m going to go broke and starve to death.

This graph is money won/tournaments played. Notice the smooooth linearity. Over 5000 tournaments. Which is enough to be statistically significant, I think.


Note to ATO agents! Not To Scale! Windfall Earnings! Please Ignore!

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8 Comments on “But How Much Do You Loooooooooooose?!”

  1. Brendan Halfweeg Says:

    Ever entered a world series satellite? Play much bricks & mortar?

    Nice work, although that seems to work out at US$3 an hour, assuming you don’t play multiple single table tournaments. Even with 4 simultaneous tournaments, you’re still working out at around US$12 an hour (I’m assuming average 1 hour single table tournaments). What size tournaments are you playing in? Which site?

  2. Yobbo Says:

    Well, no. It’s $3 per tournament.

    I don’t want to spell out how much I make an hour but let’s just say I play a lot more than 1 tournament an hour. I am usually 8-10 tabling the turbo STT’s on Party Poker.

  3. yobbo Says:

    In fact, I have played 1565 tournaments this month.

  4. Mark Hill Says:

    I don’t reckon WoW cost you a cent.

  5. Yobbo Says:

    The graph 3 posts below this one would disagree.

  6. Brendan Halfweeg Says:

    Not sure if I could earn my beer and skittles your way Yobbo, but best of luck to you. Poker is a hobby and a social thing for me, and I suppose it is people like me that you earn your coin off of. I play occassionally on PP, the rake on the $22 single tables is pretty high.

    If I was back in Perth, I’d probably be spending 10 hours a day in QV1 designing oil rigs, which is what I’m doing in London right now. Same shit, different city, but here New York is a 9 hour flight away, Paris a 3 hour train ride away and Italy a 2 hour flight away.

  7. Princess josie Says:

    Cute that you want to put your Mum’s mind at ease – what a sweet boy.

  8. Tony Says:

    With decent bankroll management skills and average poker skills then a player should not go broke.

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