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In The News

November 1, 2007

* As far as “The West Australian” newspaper and most West Australians are concerned, the Ben Cousins saga is bigger than the moon landing. In that case, the latest development is like Aliens landing on the swan river.

Cousins Missing On Streets Of LA

* The Olsen Twins are 21 now. And one of them is shagging Lance Armstrong. Just though you’d like to know.

* While I’m on the subject (And let’s face it, when aren’t I?) Singapore Airlines asks its customers to refrain from shagging on its new Airbus A380 beds. Head jobs are also out of the question, at least until you get in the air.

Questions And Answers With The LDP

November 1, 2007

(crossposted on my campaign blog)

A religious group, The Australian Christian Lobby, recently sent out a questionnaire to parties running in the upcoming election on a range of political issues . Many of the questions, predictably, are related to issues considered important by Christians, but they are questions that most people have an opinion on nevertheless.

Go here to read the LDP’s answers to the questionnaire.