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Trigonometry Is Fun

November 8, 2007


On More Efficient Cheating

November 8, 2007

muttiah-muralitharan.jpgA piece of advice for Muttiah Muralitharan.

It’s plainly obvious that you cheat and everyone knows it. However, the ICC has decided that it’s ok to cheat if you are playing for a side that would otherwise be uncompetitive on the world stage.

So with that settled, why bother even pretending to bowl? Just take a chair and bash Ricky Ponting over the head with it, like they do in “professional” wrestling.

It’s got about as much to do with cricket as what you do currently.

Edit: Cheating Cheater Muricheateran.

Harry Clarke Completely Loses The Plot

November 8, 2007

Harry doesn’t want to ban smoking, oh no. He’s not crazy, after all.

He just wants smokers to have to register themselves with a government agency in order to be able to buy cigarettes!

You know, like Heroin Addicts and Sex Offenders.

This might be achieved by registering cigarette smokers who are addicted to nicotine as addicts just as it has been proposed to register heroin addicts. These addicts would then be supplied weekly supplies of the amount of tobacco needed from pharmacies which would be the only place where cigarettes were sold.

Harry just made the leap from eccentric crank to bat-shit-crazy loon.