Protect And Serve

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27 Comments on “Protect And Serve”

  1. Nothing to say, the video speaks for itself!

    Watching it I couldn’t help faintly hoping that she was going to shoot the cop.

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  3. Doug Says:

    Why can’t people follow directions? It is not a police officers job to argue and then get into a brawl with someone! All the man had to do is follow directions!

  4. That cop acted wrongly Doug, and he knew it. Near the end of the clip he recounts what has just happened to a newly arrived “backup” cop.

    The version the cop recounts to his comrade is NOT consistent with the video record.

  5. Doug Says:

    I’ll grant you that the police officer could have handled this better, but the fact is still blatantly clear that if the man had complied, this would not have happened. They were both in the wrong.

  6. Sam Ward Says:

    No, the police officer was in the wrong and he knew it. That’s why he lied to his colleague about what happened.

  7. Doug Says:


    so you are convinced that a person can do anything they want, and never comply with the police, and the consequences will always be someone else’s fault, never his own. That is a pathetic way to live your life. I said the police officer was in the wrong, but so was the driver, and if the driver had did as any normal law abiding citizen should have, this would not have happened. Am I understanding you correct? Your website says “The LDP believes people should make their own choices and accept responsibility for the consequences. ” I guess you really don’t believe that do you?

  8. Sam Ward Says:

    I said the police officer was in the wrong, but so was the driver, and if the driver had did as any normal law abiding citizen should have, this would not have happened.

    Which is what, Doug? What should he have done?

    The problem here is people like you who believe police have a *right* to order around law-abiding citizens who have done nothing wrong. And when they do, the only correct response is to obey them like slaves.

    Nobody with any pride would ever accept such a notion Doug, and that includes you. Luckily you don’t have to since you are apparently a police officer yourself.

    Just because he has a badge doesn’t mean the rest of us are his slaves.

  9. Doug Says:

    Where did i say anything about treating people like slaves? The man was stopped by the police for an apparent infraction. HE WAS SPEEDING IN A CONSTRUCTION ZONE! He was given a ticket for that infraction, he refused to sign that ticket, the officer, as was his prerogative under Utah law, arrested the man. The man did not like that and refused to comply. He then turns around and places his hand in his pocket while walking away from a lawful command by a police officer. The police officer rightly or wrongly perceived this as a threat, and tasered the man. The only error I see is that the officer should have just let the man drive off without signing the citation. But, I wasn’t there, and neither were you. Maybe he sensed something else was wrong. I don’t know. Personally, I would have never allowed the man to get out of the car, but if he did, rather than struggling with him on the side of a busy road, I might have done the same thing if he had turned around and put his hand in his pocket like he did. traffic stops are the the most dangerous and life threatening interactions that law enforcement faces. It is very easy for you to watch a video and pass judgment at your leisure, try serving a few years in that position, when every decision you make could end up costing you your life. The bottom line is, the man got zapped, he is fine now. What would you be saying if the man had pulled a gun out of his pocket and shot the officer? Don’t try and tell me that dosn’t happen, it does. I’ve been shot at, have you?

  10. Sam Ward Says:


    No, he wasn’t. As is clear in the video to anyone who actually watched it, the man pointed out that he hadn’t yet reached the sign with the lower speed posted. That’s what he was gesturing at further down the road.

    Additionally, the police officer apparently didn’t have a radar reading to show him. The man asked and the officer ignored his question. That’s why he refused to sign the ticket.

    “as was his prerogative under Utah law, arrested the man.”.

    He did? When did he say, “I’m placing you under arrest”? AFTER he tasered him. That’s when.

    And he never once read the guy his Miranda rights before he did any of these things. Not before tasering him, not before handcuffing him, never.

    You are just seeing what you want to see.

  11. Doug Says:

    Wow, you have a good eye, you were able to estimate the speed of that car, by watching an edited video! Now, try listening to the video, he clearly says (in an unedited version) that he was driving 68 miles per hour. That is speeding, when the sign says 40mph, it means 40 mph, not slow down when you feel like it! The officer does not have to show a radar reading to the driver. Signing the ticket is not conditional on anything, its the law! He does not have to say “your under arrest” Read up on the law first, and stop watching tv, they are not the same. He also does not have to read him hi rights unless he is being charged!, Why won’t you answer any of my questions? I answer yours. Why do you have no respect for law and order? You seem to think that people can do anything they want, regardless of consequences.

  12. If you were behaving like that cop Doug, you deserved to be shot at.

    If you weren’t, then what is the relevance?

  13. Sam Ward Says:

    “Why won’t you answer any of my questions?”

    Because you don’t punctuate your posts. Don’t they teach you what a paragraph is in Police Academy? Or do you just do panty runs and make noises into megaphones like on that movie?

  14. Doug, that was NOT an arrest.

    That was a shocking assault on a citizen. The sort of thing which police are suppsed to PREVENT.

    If that was my son assaulted like that, that cop would just have done the worst day’s work of his career.

    If that unjustified tasering had resulted in my son’s death, well lets just say I am connected, and I tend to get a tad biblical about such matters.

    That person is not fit to be a cop.

  15. Sam Ward Says:,23599,22847362-2,00.html?from=mostpop

    Another cop tasering a woman who was face first on the ground.

    I suppose she didn’t listen to instructions either, but why need to Taser her when a 120kg copper is already on top of her?

  16. Doug Says:

    If you were behaving like that cop Doug, you deserved to be shot at.

    That is pathetic! What did the “cop” do that warrants him being shot at?

    You folks need to get over your blatant hatred of police and authority. Put your life on the line every day, dealing with the worst elements of society, and then tell me you never make mistakes!

    As I have repeatedly stated, the police officer could have handled the situation better, but it was the motorist who escalated it.

    Would we be having this conversation if the motorist had pulled out a gun? Of course not, The fact that that didn’t happen doesn’t mean that it could have. Time and time again police are killed during “routine” traffic stops much more innocent looking than this.

    Steve, your comment about connected just shows your arrogance.

    Sam, please refain from the childish insults and stick to the topic.

    That officer will not be charged with anything, because reasonable people who have
    much more experience with this than you, can clearly see that nothing illegal or improper was done. He will be counseled on how he could have handled the situation better, but the bottom line is no one was hurt.

  17. If a cop can’t give a speeding ticket to a middle class couple without tasering them, then he should not be a cop.

    And if you can’t watch a video of a viscious assault without recognising it as one, then you require an optician Doug.

    I respect law & order, but that video contains neither. I do not, and would not, respect a brownshirt attitude to a simple traffic ticket, especially when the offence is victimless and of a technical nature only. That piece of road could be zone 70mph.

    Three years ago in Victoria a cop on a speed gun was shot dea with his own pistol by someone he pulled over. When the news broke this brought more schadenfreude than anything else from an otherwise law-abiding public.

    I have great delight in recounting how funny is that incident to ever traffic cop who pulls me over.

  18. Doug Says:

    SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A Utah trooper who used a Taser to subdue a stubborn motorist who was walking away from him during a traffic stop felt threatened and acted reasonably, state officials said Friday.

    I guess they are all blind as well? And for what it’s worth, he wasn’t tasered for speeding, he wasn’t tasered for not signing the ticket, he was tasered for not following instructions and potentially putting the officer at risk.

    If you think that a police officer getting shot during a traffic stop is funny, you are one sick individual.

  19. And you can always tell when you have had a win over a sunglasses wearing brownshirt, coz they deflate like a balloon when that story is told as if it is funny. All the puff they get from measuring how many metres they are from the 80kmh sign, all the puff they get from seeing the motorist’s bewilderment at being pulled out of a line of freeway traffic and being selected as the unlucky one to get a ticket. All the puff they get from using arbitrarily a power to do no public good, but to cost an innocent motoris money.

    It all goes west and their day is ruined when an upstanding law abiding member of society is patently honest about a joke in which a traffic cop is shot dead by a motorist.

    In most cops memory, the incident was only yesterday.

  20. I do believe that Doug. And that video makes it clear why there needs to be the occassional hand grenade rolled at a speed trap.

  21. Doug Says:

    Steve, you are truly sick. I hope and pray that you represent the minority of thinking in Australia. Death is nothing to joke about.

  22. You are the sick one Doug, if you see nothing wrong with that video.

    I presume you are one of those cops who rarely steps outside of his jurisdiction, because they fear that away from home other cops will treat them as they themselves treat the public.

    Keeping the bastards on their toes with mention of incidents such as that shooting doesn’t do any harm to police courtesy at all.

    And courtesy is what was lacking in that video.

    And the lack of courtesy in that video is what is going to get that cop smacked about more than once in barrooms from now on.

  23. Doug Says:

    In case you missed it before:

    SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A Utah trooper who used a Taser to subdue a stubborn motorist who was walking away from him during a traffic stop felt threatened and acted reasonably, state officials said Friday.

    Interestingly, I have never had a fear of any police, maybe it’s because I have respect for authority (not fear, respect) Ehy do you hate authority and police so much?

  24. Doug, you can repeat post the “inquiry” finding nothing wrong with what the cop did.

    If you feel so strongly, organise a referendum in Utah, and see what the people think. You know what the outcome will be. Because the population will get directly to the heart of the matter, and not be sidetracked by bullshit.

    Please explain why I should submit to authority, or police? I am a free man, in a free country.

    Your repetitive use of the words “authority” and “order” when talking of free born men in a free nation are very telling.

  25. Doug Says:

    Who do you think keeps you free? Who do you think keeps order in your “free nation”?

    I know your type, steve, you talk, big tough talk, but when the going gets tough, your the first to fold. You should submit to authority steve, becuse it is in everyones bwest interest. And you do, regardless of what you say, and then means you are aliar or you are kidding yourself. Either way you are a loser.

    I’m done with you, Reasonable minds agree on the taser issue, that it was justified. As do the people of Utah, there will be no rioting or referendum on this issue, people know deep down inside, that the law and the police are really on their side.
    on their side. have a nice life Steve,

  26. Allied soldiers keep me free.

  27. Loser? The easiest place for you to find a loser Doug, is in the mirror.

    What is your type? An overweight cop, with no marketable skills if he has to leave the force, (most end up as cleaners), who believes there is nothing wrong with using drill sgt methods of ordering around law abiding free citizens? And tasering them when they fail to snap to attention & salute within .003 of a second?

    Come try your authority on me. See what the outcome is. I have run working men’s pubs for quite some time, lets see if you got what it takes to get your orders obeyed?

    Didn’t think so.

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