Inside Info

Through my contacts in the liberal party, I got a sneak preview of their new how to vote cards, prepared by campaign whizkid Gary Clarke.


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8 Comments on “Inside Info”

  1. Mark Hill Says:

    Is this a gay rally? Look closely at the “G”.

  2. Andjam Says:

    No-one seems to have noticed the surname of the ALP candidate – Bradbury. Seems to be quite a re-run of synchronised falling over.

  3. Sam Ward Says:

    Not as old as you though Tone.

  4. Tony T. Says:

    True. Will I look younger if I wear a bandana?

  5. Yobbo Says:

    Just try some baggier pants.

  6. mojo Says:

    I wonder what he has against the Moran family?

  7. Tejimcmn Says:

    PJpx5G comment2 ,

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