The Best Gift Of All

I found this on Youtube. As far as I know, this is NOT an official LDP video. It seems to be a fan video. But it’s cool anyway.

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6 Comments on “The Best Gift Of All”

  1. Gibbo Says:

    My main concern with you guys is the whole “wasted vote” thing because you are so new & so small. Apart from that I think your basic platform is brilliant.

  2. Sam Ward Says:

    That’s why we have preferential voting, it’s impossible to waste your vote in Australia unless you vote informal.

  3. Steve Says:

    It constantly amazes me that people don’t understand preferential voting.

  4. Gibbo Says:

    Sorry guys, bad wording. What I was trying to say that a vote for a micro party or independant can be a wasted vote. Because they are so small they have very little chance of actually influencing policy unless we have a nearly hung parliament.

    It’s a moot point anyway as you don’t have a candidate in my seat. Best of luck though.

  5. Sam Ward Says:

    That’s so close to untrue it’s not funny. A minor party senator can and often does hold the balance of power in the senate, they are often more important than the rest of the senate combined.

    Brian Harradine, Meg Lees, Barnaby Joyce anyone?

  6. It’s a bit like the last straw on the camels back. It is the most influencial straw and it makes one heck of a difference to how the camel feels the next morning.

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