Stirling HoR Results

I finished 5th of 9 candidates in the Stirling HoR election.

Not a bad result on the face of it, but considering I had first position on the poll (and the “Donkey Vote” that goes with it), it’s probably not so impressive.

I did outpoll both Family First and One Nation though, which is nice.

Full breakdown is here

1. Michael Keenan (Liberal)
2. Peter Tinley (Labor)
3. Tamara Desiatov (Greens)
4. Ray Moran (CDP)
5. Sam Ward (LDP)
6. Denise Hynd (What Women Want)
7. Symia Hopkinson (Family First)
8. Alex Patrick (One Nation)
9. Keith Hallam (CEC)

I went into the election planning on preferencing Keenan, but after collecting all the HTV cards from those who were giving them out, Labor was putting me 3rd and the Liberals 4th. So I went tit-for-tat and gave my preference to Tinley.

In the end though, Michael Keenan got up.

Hopefully he’s not a shapeshifting lizard. If he is, I promise to preference the CEC next time.

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4 Comments on “Stirling HoR Results”

  1. mister z Says:

    these figures will probably shift a little in coming days, but right now on the AEC site, here’s a pretty piss funny comparison…

    Sam Ward — 0.68% of Stirling first preferences

    Australian Democrats — 0.68% of first preferences nationally!

    So you’re officially as popular as the dems!
    cheered by the thought? or suicidal?

  2. Anthony_ Says:

    Well done…hey at least you gave it a crack. Most ppl just snipe from the sidelines.

  3. Boris Says:

    well done!

  4. Hammy Says:

    Not a bad effort Yobbo. Unfortunately the election night coverage was over before it started due to the Ruddslide therefore I didn’t see your results on the night. As popular as the Democrats or as unpopular? Not enough donkeys voted for you, I guess.

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