Drambuie – The Drink For Poofs


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10 Comments on “Drambuie – The Drink For Poofs”

  1. She’s good stuff actually. An excellent horse to switch to for that last drink or two (the ones that comes after you have had enough & can’t force any more down).

    But STRAIGHT only, or over ice.

    A straw I can handle (easy to remove) but I tend to go off the deep end if I order (say) a rum & coke (or in this case it would be Drambuie) & it arrives as pictured in this video, with a slice of FRUIT in it. (“Listen Dickhead, you heard both words of my drink order, & neither of them was FRUIT or JUICE! What is this, some sort of Brokenback Mountain pub?” *refuse to pay*)

    The same applies to Drambuie.

  2. Sam Ward Says:

    Any of those guys your customers Steve?

  3. Nobody I recognise in person, though the type is familiar to me.

    When they were in jail most of those blokes would have gone to great lengths to get at stuff far worse than cat’s piss. Yet they turn their nose up at Drambuie. Bwahaha…

    The video may have different if Drambuie was put to them without the straw & fruit, and described instead as a “high alcohol content recipe”

  4. Preview is my friend, sticking keyboard is my enemy.

    Clearly the maker of that video was after a particular response. Using high falutin’ lingo (elixir?) on basic ockers, then giving the same ockers a glass of spirit to taste containing a straw and a slice of fruit! Oh… and waiting until the ockers were half charged before putting it to them.

    I often have the same trouble here with Guinness. They put it to their lips expecting to taste XXXX Gold, sputter when instead they get a mouthful of that burnt-charcoal Guinness flavour, loudly exclaim “What is this Shit?” throw it away & spend the rest of the night bitching about the sort of “taste-buds-in-their-arse wankers” who would drink Guinness.

  5. This is funny shit.

    I like the tattoo covered guy at the beginning who shotguns it with it dribbling down his beard, while the researcher is asking ‘can you detect the nuances with the subtle flavours of honey?………”

  6. jimmythespiv Says:

    This is hilarious – I have watched it over and over.

  7. Tom H Says:

    Funny stuff. Actually I’m a Drambuie drinker myself & I’m exactly the sort of rich (well, comfortably well off) professional that those guys are talking about.

    For reasons too tedious to go into, I occasionally drink at a slightly down-market strip bar, where about half the patrons are of the type interviewed. And I get exactly those reactions when, halfway through the night, I order coffee & Drambuie. They’d piss themselves if they saw that ad. Unfortunately I doubt that they’re on the net, having only just evolved opposable thumbs last Wednesday.

  8. My Scottish Grandfather was a great fan of Drambuie. After 30 years down the mine, he enjoyed an evening of cider and Drambuie. When he came to our wedding in Adelaide, he came off the plane with eight minatures of Drambuie as a gift. Not sure how many he had drunk. Personally I prefer Baileys.

  9. Drambuie Man Says:

    Great Viral, and great drink!

  10. slatts Says:

    Triggers a journey to the oldie but goodie vault:
    “I calls mah man Drambuie.”
    “Drambuie, eh, ain’t that some kind of exotic licker.”

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