Corey Delaney, Australian Of The Year

I hope it’s not too late for nominations.

Money Quote:

Fuckhead Interviewer:
What would you say to other kids who are thinking of partying when their parents are out of town?

Corey Delaney: Get me to do it for you.

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22 Comments on “Corey Delaney, Australian Of The Year”

  1. Guest098 Says:

    Corey – the village idiot of Narre Warren . This boneheaded dullard doesn’t know the meaning of respect, that has no social conscience, and no understanding of what is right or wrong. The interview he gave on A Current Affair is a perfect demonstration of that. He came across as a total MORONIC TOOL. Seriously, what kind of an idiot advertises their home address on myspace and issues an open invitation for all Narre Warren bogans to show up and get wasted. I hope his parents kick his ass to the curb and call him up on the $20,000 damages bill.

  2. john Simons Says:


  3. chrisjv Says:

    “The interview he gave on A Current Affair is a perfect demonstration of that. He came across as a total MORONIC TOOL.”

    The interviewer came over worse, although the whole point of shows like that is to whip the audience into a moralistic frenzy, so I suppose she’s just doing her job.

  4. PaulHucton Says:

    someones put coreys glasses on the reporter and the photos posted at funny as hell

  5. Brendan Halfweeg Says:

    He’s been charged with a child pornography offence. Must have taken some dodgy digital photos of the shennanigans.

  6. Sam Ward Says:

    ACA should then as well then, they were showing naked 16 year olds on prime time TV.

  7. What a joke. The interviewer was obviously hoping he wouldn’t apologise… and when he did she had to make a big deal out of the glasses.

    Of course he’s a bit of a tool. He’s 16. All 16 year-olds are disposed towards toolism. But he was still better than the interviewer.

  8. frmad Says:

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  9. Corey 10 Nine 0 Says:

    I love how Corey made a complete fool of ACA and Leila McKinnon, after they paid him to appear and act contrite. And the glasses ! How I hate Channel nine !

  10. Indisputably the kid is a tool, and most definitely in it up to his neck with his parents & the neighbors.

    But ACA interviewing him is sort of like the frying pan calling the electric jug “Black”.

  11. doctorpat Says:

    Given where he is now, he could get all sorry, cope the punishment, and go back to being a loser with ugly glasses. OR he can play it for all it’s worth and try to ride the wave into a life as a B list celebrity, with the money and chicks that come with that.

    He’s actually being very smart.

  12. Mark Hill Says:

    I can’t believe he is going on tour FFS.

    No one pays me to hung over. Tough break kid.

  13. penelope Says:

    Corey’s alright…For a 16 yr. old he was pretty cool when talking to insane reporter.

  14. jb Says:

    no comments about the money debacle … your getting slacker

  15. Tony Ryan Says:

    Does he talk with a Melbournian accent? I’ve been away too long. I thought he was from California.

  16. Allana Says:

    This guy is a complete screwball!!! Lol legend though, wouldnt mind him being my mate! … Madness, im from Scotland and know about this guy haha… well done Corey! 😀

  17. Dr Paul Says:

    Riddle: Why did everybody cross the road?
    Answer: Because Leila McKinnon told them not to.

  18. Sami Selsa Says:

    Corey did an aweome thing!!
    Let him go!!
    people have got to have fun in their life.

  19. Pat Says:

    Curious, we all laughed our heads off at Ferris Bueller, now here’s the real deal
    and the good ol’ Oz wowser factor raises it’s familiar head.

  20. Canuckie Says:

    It is Soccer – not the Football’s game.

  21. mandible claw Says:

    Leila McKinnon: “I suggest you go away and take a good, long, hard look at yourself.”

    Corey Delaney: “I have. Everyone has. They love it.”


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