Drugs Cheaper Than Beer In UK

The drug war has failed so abysmally in England that not only are drugs freely available, they are cheaper than the legal alternative.

A line of cocaine is now as cheap as a pint of beer after the latest alcohol tax rises took effect.

An average pint in Britain has topped £3 following a 4p rise in the budget – making it the same price as a line of cocaine, according to official government figures.

In London the average price of a pint – at £4.06 – is dearer than a hit of heroin.

A line of speed or the cannabis resin for a spliff now costs the same as just two cigarettes, according to separate figures released by the Independent Drug Monitoring Unit, which provides street prices for evidence in courts.

The average price of an ecstasy pill is now £2.91, with some costing as little as £1, while an average hit of heroin is just £3.50.

The charity Drugscope, which has seen a sharp rise in cocaine use, warned it was now cheaper to spend an evening bingeing on cocaine than to spend a night in the pub.

At least “Harm Minimisation” seems to be working. Getting high on Cocaine or Ecstasy is certainly less dangerous than getting a skinful in a UK pub. So if that was the intention, then the UK government should all give themselves a big pat on the back.

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12 Comments on “Drugs Cheaper Than Beer In UK”

  1. Mark Hill Says:

    This doesn’t even consider the cost of increasing smuggling and murder associated with tobacco.

  2. Joseph Clark Says:

    It’s a shame that I hate London so much otherwise I could move there for the cheap drugs.

  3. nick Says:

    Perhaps the Government could manufacture drugs (I believe the only LEGAL manufacturer of cocaine for medical purposes is in Scotland) and tax them to the extent they tax alcohol and cigarettes. The usual suspects could get outraged about this – which would divert them from climate change, id cards and other anny state crap.

  4. jb Says:

    3 quid a line, i think these ministers are comparing prices for the drugs they boughts in the 60’s, more like 6 or 7 quid

  5. […] 7.Yobbo points out that a line of cocaine is now cheaper than a pint of beer. […]

  6. Hughie Says:

    Some Pommy friends of mine came back from a holiday in the UK a coupla years ago. Even then they were making me insanely jealous by talking about “2 quid a pill” and “50 quid a gram”. Can we move Australia closer to Europe soon please?

  7. […] Update: Sure, his post is over a month old — which shows how on the ball I am more than anything else — but Yobbo makes a good point on a similar subject. […]

  8. Terry Wright Says:

    Another great winning effort for the “War on Drugs”.

    What next? Easily available? Higher quality?
    Oh wait … they’re already achieved that.

  9. Nana Says:

    The world of drugs is indeed a world to it’s own The Users & Losers and The Winners & Grinners. I live in a world surrounded by both. I live in the real world too.
    Read “Shades of Omerta”, when it is published. Make “Underbelly” look like a fairy tale.

  10. Mule Says:

    Perhaps if they stopped taxing the tits off grog, we would all be better off. But governments the world over won’t do that, they are too addicted to the revenue stream. Beer is far too expensive in the UK, but is too dear in OZ too. Try a pub in town in Sydney. . Bloody rip off. So much for looking after our culture. And a beer (or three) in the pub is very much traditional Pommy and OZ culture.

  11. mandible claw Says:

    Had heard from friends that pills etc in London are ridiculously cheap, had no idea they were cheaper than beer though. And four pounds for a pint? What a joke. Must include the cost of all the reams of drinking and alcohol sales regulations ..

  12. ?eid=142116 Says:



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