Chinese MC Hammer

His mum might not be impressed, but I sure am.

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10 Comments on “Chinese MC Hammer”

  1. chencenter Says:

    how can she just sit and knit, i wonder?

  2. Hammy Says:

    That’s better than half of the choreography on “So you think you can dance Australia”.

  3. doctorpat Says:

    proof that the Chinese are now a civilized country.

    Need to work on the quality of the video chicks though.

  4. Yobbo Says:

    Well to be perfectly honest this could come from any Chinese-speaking country, I’m not sure it’s actually from mainland China.

  5. PimpDaddy Says:

    Thanks Yobbo…

    This is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long while.

    Where does one start?

    The dancing was actually decent.

    How the mother kept calm in the middle of all that is beyond me, that was perhaps one of the funniest aspects to this is how the mother didn’t flinch.

    The use of the kitchen area was pure genuis I must say.

    Of course it is hard to say where this came from. I’d normally suggest a small country lacking in space (thus the apartment and need for kitchen dancing space) like Singapore. His haircut could be National Service (army) standard cut. However, Singaporeans normally have LCDs rather than CRTs and being a country so small would someone risk the shame and ridicule of such an act? I’m going with Hong Kong.

  6. Terry Wright Says:

    doctorpat: Need to work on the quality of the video chicks though.

    LOL. Very funny indeed.

  7. benji Says:

    @ Hammy – i totally agree.

  8. jake Says:

    thanks for this!

  9. journey Says:

    journey says : I absolutely agree with this !

  10. Web Host Says:

    The mother was sewing him more pairs of parachute pants. They wear out very quickly between the legs. So I’ve been told.

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