Blog Logins Are The Worst Idea Ever

I’m back.

Since pretty much every blog in Australia nowadays requires you to log in to post comments – or has me on permanent moderation – my discussions will now take place here. Much as I understand the desire to stop spam in comments, I can’t remember 100 different username/password combinations and have therefore given up trying to comment at blogs like Catallaxy that require it.

So what’s been happening in Blog Land while I was away?

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9 Comments on “Blog Logins Are The Worst Idea Ever”

  1. Joseph Clark Says:

    I thought this blog was dead. Welcome back.

  2. crypto the wonder hound Says:

    You could have a system for your passwords which applies at each site. E.g. for blogs you like it’s “blognamerules”, for blogs you don’t like it’s “blognameblows”.

  3. Tim Quilty Says:

    Or, like everyone else in the world, you could use the same password for every blog…

  4. Yobbo Says:

    The problem is that all these different login systems have different rules about what is a valid passport, and I end up having to change it by 1 or 2 characters each time, which means I can never remember which version of my password is the correct one.

    It does my head in.

  5. hc Says:

    Welcome back. I am the same – I get lost in the passwords – not only for blogs but for every dicky little group.

  6. Eames Chair Says:

    You should use a password storage application. That way all your passwords are centralized. Works well for me..

  7. “So what’s been happening in Blog Land while I was away?”

    In a word… spam.

  8. Peter Deane Says:

    Gee, you can comment on my blog any day without having to login and use a password! (Hint, Hint, Shameless plug), etc. See, or just click on my name

  9. If you’re saying something political… do it at the ALS blog. We don’t require permission, and only two people are on moderation.

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