Being over 17 will get you locked up.

A warning for anyone stupid enough to visit Rottnest this week: You are a rapist.

Another concern for Sgt Bahen is toolies, older people looking to take advantage of young women, who he said would be removed if they were found on the island.

“Our message for toolies is you’ll be straight behind bars, and you’ll be off the island so fast your feet won’t even touch the ground,” Sgt Bahen said.

So if you are over 17, male, and anywhere on Rottnest this week, then you will be either behind bars or deported from the Island.

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2 Comments on “Being over 17 will get you locked up.”

  1. Sebastian Says:

    Hahahaha what authority to they plan to execute such an eviction? What a crock.

  2. Yobbo Says:

    The entirety of Rottnest Island is an A-Class reserve and is owned by the government. That explains how they can evict you.

    It doesn’t however explain how the police can imprison you for simply being over 17, although they don’t really need a reason in WA any more.

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