Uluru Is Hitler’s Driving Range

Various people being naughty….

THERE are renewed calls for the immediate closure of the Uluru rock climb after more photos emerged of controversial behaviour at the sacred site.

Football personality Sam Newman has been pictured hitting a golf ball off the rock, while another man was photographed naked on top of the monolith.

And the 21st century definition of racism rears its head:

NT Aboriginal leader and Central Land Council member Maurie Ryan said the behaviour on top of the spiritual centre was “racist”.

“That is an insult to the people of Mutitjulu, and Australia,” he said. “That is a very sacred site. This is racist.”

Racism: Anything which offends or annoys non-white people in any way

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One Comment on “Uluru Is Hitler’s Driving Range”

  1. Anna Says:

    I like it! I will be passing this on to my partner Indian……… who called me ‘racist’ the other day as he did not like the ‘tone’ in which I was speaking to him and said that I was racist to talk to him in that manner!

    Go figure hey! A racist would have a child with this person………… seems odd to me

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