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Chucking It In

July 12, 2010

Good riddance to one of the worst cheats in the history of Sport.

I think we all know who I’m talking about.

Cash For Comments

July 10, 2010, presumably because of a lack of real news to copy and paste, has reduced itself to relaying a scare campaign from the dinosaur full-service air travel industry, and dressing it up as real news.

TRAVELLERS flying on budget airlines are being warned that they may end up paying more than if they’d chosen a full-service airline.

The increasing number of extra charges airlines being introduced by some airlines can easily triple the cost of a budget ticket, an analysis of the nation’s budget carriers by Flight Centre has found.

This is of course rubbish. Full-service airlines like the Qantas – the shame of Australia – pay commission to travel agents like flight centre to say things like this to customers. Presumably now they are also paying money to to say the same thing.

Of course travel agents would warn against using low-cost carriers, since a large part of why LCCs are so much cheaper is that they completely cut travel agents out of the air travel industry. Airlines like Air Asia even sell their own accommodation packages with their flights, something which is rapidly in the process of sending businesses like Flight Centre bankrupt.