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September 15, 2003

Is there any explanation for why the word “Assignment” begins with “ASS”?

Hamas WA Update

September 10, 2003

The identity of the WA Hamas Support Group remains a mystery, but someone is treating the “UWA Student Guild” Theory at least a little seriously. As they say.. DEVELOPING…

Mission Complete

September 9, 2003

That bloody assignment took 10 hours to complete, and is only worth 7.5% of the semester grade. What kind of sadistic crap is this?

Also, you’ve got to love ECU’s new anti-plagiarism policy….Accounting assignments must be hand-written! Pure Genius.

I hope they go blind staring at my illegible scrawl.

Collectivism: WOW

September 4, 2003

A scary tale from the US public school system from Kevin at Nepenthe Island:

This employee has a son in early grade school, in the Fort Worth ISD (which I believe is on the receiving end of Robin Hood). One of the supplies the kids were told they needed was a set of notebooks. I’m not sure if this means spiral notebooks or three-ring binders. Regardless, Veronica went with her son to the store and picked out some really nice notebooks. These notebooks cost $2.99 each.

Apparently, this wasn’t fair to the other students. When Veronica’s son brought his nice notebooks to class, they were taken away. He was given back notebooks that some other kid brought, which cost 25? each. Justification? Some kids might be embarrassed or discomfited by Veronica’s son’s apparent wealth.

Read the whole thing.

Marxism Update

August 30, 2003

ChrisV loves Marx so much, he wants a complete list of the questions they are asking at UWA. There are 10 questions in all, and I don’t feel like typing the entire list. I’ll blog one per day until they are all gone. If anyone knows the answer to any of them, go right ahead…

Question 2:

“There is no doubt that development has benefitted women, though the advantages have not been unambiguous.” (Roces and Edwards 2000:4) Discuss with reference to one Southeast Asian country.

Get to work!

Marxism 101

August 29, 2003

It’s essay time for the young marxists and unfortunate exchange students who are studing a course which claims to be “Asian History”

Question 1.

Examine changing birth practices in two societies in South East Asia. What do changing birth practices tell us about gender relations? Do you see the medicalization of birth as a source of empowerment for women or a way of increasing control over women?

I had no idea how to attempt to explain this one. I assume that “control” of women would be related to the quaint Western Belief of “Not dying like an animal during childbirth” which obviously has to be balanced against the “empowering forces of women-only midwifery”.

The sad thing is that there are 9 other things you could write about apart from this one. This is the only question I could even begin to formulate a response to.

Nevertheless, Yukari is actually managing to do fairly well in the course, mostly due to a 8 hour a day study regime. I find it very distressing that I am required to search the web for explanations of Marxist theory in order to help my flatmate with her homework. And, just in case people think I am exaggerating, some of the questions specifically state to explain the problem “in Marxist terms”.

Nobody here really knows what that means, so we are attempting to throw in a few catchphrases whenever possible. Assistance with some cool Marxist catchphrases in the comments below would be appreciated.

Public Peacocks

August 15, 2003

It may come as a surprise to many that the Churchlands campus of ECU is almost entirely devoid of overt socialist propaganda. Judging by my classes, 95% of the students are full fee-paying overseas students anyway, who are somewhat less interested in class struggle than the idealistic Australian school-leavers who still seem to make up the majority at UWA.

It was with joy then, that I got a chance to visit UWA campus yesterday in the hunt for some pieces of official-looking paper that I am required to produce to get free money from you lovely taxpayers. I was looking forward to taking in the sights during my visit.

The Fabrication Of Asian History

August 1, 2003

Since the shock loss of my alcoholic Kiwi flatmate, things have been a lot quieter in the Yobbo household. His replacement was in the form of a Japanese exchange student who, despite studying it since year 8, still doesn’t speak what you could call “fluent” English. So, in at least one way, she’s quite similar to the Kiwi.

>From what I can gather, Yukari was studying Linguistics and English Literature at Uni in Osaka, and her final semester at UWA is her last before she graduates. At this point, I’ve gotta say I don’t like her chances.

Semester 2 Booklist

July 28, 2003

I hope there’s still a library on campus…

Cost Accounting 11ED $99.85
Management Accounting 6ED $101.70
Financial Accounting in Australia 5ED $93.37
Taxpak 2 : Core Student Taxpak 2 2003 $146.15
ACC2360 Lecture Guide $28.85
LAW2410 Study Guide $15.85
ACC2250 Lecture Guide $13.70
Order Total: $499.47

Needless to say I won’t actually be buying any of these ridiculously priced books. The lecture guides may be worth the investment, but there’s no way I’m spending $450 on books that we probably won’t open at all during the semester.

One of the books is $146 for chrissakes. Even if it came with a TV it would still be overpriced.


June 26, 2003

With the battle to rename Subiaco Oval to “Crazy John’s Stadium” being put on the backburner for a while, it’s time to get down to some serious marketing.

His Royal Highness Prince Leonard is building a University, complete with medical research centre, in the independent principality of Hutt River Province.

As far as I know, the University does not yet have a name. The responsibility falls to us to find a name that can accurately represent the ideals of freedom from government control and taxation that the Hutt River Province stands for. Submissions in comments!