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The Best Page in The

April 8, 2003

The Best Page in The Universe

Well, mine is pretty good, but even I have to defer to the master.

I Win! This thing is

April 8, 2003

I Win!

This thing is stupid, but that’s never kept anything off my blog, so why start now?

is a
Bone-Eating Death Monkey

…with a Battle Rating of 8.9

To see if your Food-Eating Battle Monkey can
defeat Yobbo, enter your name:

Blogging Can Save Your Life!

April 8, 2003

Blogging Can Save Your Life!

A fascinating story of one blogger’s encounter with a new girlfriend, and how his posting about her on his blog led to an amazing revelation from a reader.

I’ve never received any kind of crank message related to a blog entry. “She’s not the person she claims to be” sounds more like a line of dialogue from a Hollywood thriller, not real life. In spite of my incredulity, I couldn’t write it off as some kind of prank. Whoever wrote the letter knew too many details about New Girl to just be some random person playing a joke. Was this person telling the truth, or was this someone with a personal vendetta against New Girl?

It gets even murkier later on. Read the whole thing here.

Impersonating Saddam just isn’t as

April 7, 2003

Impersonating Saddam just isn’t as much fun as it used to be, even in Hollywood

The News in Brief Steven

April 7, 2003

The News in Brief

Steven Den Beste explains why the siege of Baghdad is not a siege at all.

Freedom-loving Iraqi man looks forward to US led installation of Democracy, Whiskey and Sexy in Iraq.

Lileks likes it:

Photoshop Fun’s latest photoshop

April 5, 2003

Photoshop Fun’s latest photoshop competition asks readers to present Fox News’ spin on major events in world history.

Here’s a good one:

This is the kind of

April 5, 2003

This is the kind of value $4 million gets you nowadays. Whirlpool broadband’s story explained the cost breakdown of Richard Alston’s site:

The $4 million cost to taxpayers included:

  • $1.2 Million spent on website development
  • $956,000 spent on hosting and support services
  • $928,000 spent on software; and
  • $661,000 spent on hardware.

That’s a hell of a lot of money for a site that gets significantly fewer hits than Instapundit. Especially when a template of that quality could be found for free on one of numerous open-source web development sites.

“I would have thrown in a Plasma TV for every member of the department in a $2 million dollar quote,” said Reid Hall, an Australian web developer.

Note: This is the guy who decides Australia’s policy on the internet. God help us all.

Welcome Moon Landing Freaks! Scroll

April 3, 2003

Welcome Moon Landing Freaks!

Scroll down or click here for my post on the Cutting Edge April Fool’s joke.

Now With Extra Gelatine! Conservative

April 3, 2003

Now With Extra Gelatine!

Conservative Ice Cream!

A fine alternative to the Cherry Guevara

Tony the Teacher is a

April 3, 2003

Tony the Teacher is a great man.