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Are We On?

May 18, 2004


Kill Phil

April 29, 2004

Volume 2 will premiere this Saturday at Subiaco Oval.

killv1-thumb.jpg  killv2-thumb.jpg

That’s Phil Read vs Dale Kickett in volume 1, and Phil Matera vs Roger Hayden in Volume 2. You can buy the T-shirts at Dockerland.

Update: The Japanese characters on the Volume 2 T-shirt apparently translate to “small female dog”. Tee Hee.

Eddie Murphy Was Right

April 22, 2004

Doctors in Romania are treating a 28-year-old whose penis exploded while he was making love to his girlfriend.

Yobbo Thingo

April 9, 2004

Like a few others around the traps, I may or may not be appearing on the ABC’s “Mondo Thingo” at 9:30pm tonight. For a couple of seconds. Don’t miss it!

The Scarborough Situation

March 1, 2004

Note: This is repasted from the comments on the previous post, with a few corrections and clarifications.

The so-called “Scarborough Riots” are actually just a large group of pissheads being kicked out of The Lookout* at 3am and hanging around Peters-By-The-Sea fighting each other.

A situation that could be easily solved by extending the trading hours at Scarborough to the point where there isn’t a closing time crush. It is a tourist precinct, after all.

For the non-locals, Perth has 3 main nightlife areas. Northbridge is the largest, but Fremantle has become more popular in recent times too. Scarborough is the smallest of the 3, and has no bars or clubs that open later than 3am. The reason these riots happens in Scarborough, and not Northbridge or Fremantle, is that there’s nowhere else to go when the pubs shut at 3am.

Club Atlantis used to cater to this by opening until 6am, but the people at Radisson did a deal with the liquor licensing board when The Lookout was renovated: Extend The Lookout’s licence until 3am, and we’ll voluntarily hand in the Club A late licence.

Now what you’ve got is one gigantic pub that holds 2000 (primarily teenaged) patrons and kicks them all out at the same time every Friday night. The nearest late licence club is in Northbridge, a $20 cab fare away.

It’s a recipe for disaster and just another example of how WA’s medieval licencing laws create more problems than they are purported to solve.

* The Lookout, Club Atlantis and The Stamford Arms are the 3 bars owned and run by the Rendezvous Observation City Hotel.

RWDBs For Hire

February 3, 2004

Tim Blair is now in the advertising business. If you would like to sell stuff to die-hard capitalists, head on over and give him a yell.

Suggested products: Guns, SUVs, and EXPENSIVE WINE
Not Recommended: Papier mache John Howard puppets, Che Guevara T-Shirts, Tofu.

Ungrateful Cretins

January 25, 2004

I’ve been overlooked again.

“The Last Samurai” – Review

January 24, 2004

10 second movie review:

This movie should be called “Dances with Samurai”. It also has ninjas. That is all.


January 24, 2004

The title says it all. We’re a match made in heaven.

Bush (R): 100%
Lieberman (D): 71%
Clark (D): 56%

Do you love BUSH as much as me? Try the US presidential match quiz!

Tuckey Update

January 24, 2004

It’s been far too long since Wilson Tuckey got a mention here. While Paris Hilton stalks me in my comment boxes, the guys over at Blair’s are providing more material for the Tuckey fan club scrapbook:

OT when Wilson Tuckey was Federal Minister for Forests a few years back he received a number of letters and pictures from a primary school class regarding timber harvesting, specifically the evils of killing trees and if you cut trees all the animals will all die and have nowhere to live(!?), complete with pictures of cut trees, dead animals evil loggers with oversized chainsaws ? you get the drill.

Not to leave a wrong un-righted the Minister took the time to visit the class in question and dispel some of the greenie myths and inform them of some salient facts regarding forest management, fire hazard reduction, etc. From what I?m told the session degenerated into a bit of a heated argument between the teacher and the Minister in front of the class, the Minister confronted the teacher by refuting the claim that ?all the little birdies die when you cut a tree down? where the teacher vehemently denied that she told her young class this, a child up the back piped up ? ?yes you did Miss??

The man is a national living treasure.