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Drugs Cheaper Than Beer In UK

March 18, 2008

The drug war has failed so abysmally in England that not only are drugs freely available, they are cheaper than the legal alternative.

A line of cocaine is now as cheap as a pint of beer after the latest alcohol tax rises took effect.

An average pint in Britain has topped £3 following a 4p rise in the budget – making it the same price as a line of cocaine, according to official government figures.

In London the average price of a pint – at £4.06 – is dearer than a hit of heroin.

A line of speed or the cannabis resin for a spliff now costs the same as just two cigarettes, according to separate figures released by the Independent Drug Monitoring Unit, which provides street prices for evidence in courts.

The average price of an ecstasy pill is now £2.91, with some costing as little as £1, while an average hit of heroin is just £3.50.

The charity Drugscope, which has seen a sharp rise in cocaine use, warned it was now cheaper to spend an evening bingeing on cocaine than to spend a night in the pub.

At least “Harm Minimisation” seems to be working. Getting high on Cocaine or Ecstasy is certainly less dangerous than getting a skinful in a UK pub. So if that was the intention, then the UK government should all give themselves a big pat on the back.

Cricket Fascists

February 7, 2007

The latest ban on the mexican wave at the cricket is just the latest in the slippery slope to make every single public event as boring as humanly possible.

Here’s a short list of things that have been banned at sporting events since I have been a sports fan:

1:) Full-strength beer. (However, it is still acceptable to sell 5% alcohol mixed drinks like Johnny Walker + Coke Cans, presumably because stadiums refuse to give up the ridiculous profits from that stuff).

2.) Smoking

3.) Balls of any kind

4.) Streaking

5.) Entering the playing arena for any reason (kids at the cricket used to jump the fence to field boundaries all the time)

6.) Musical Instruments (And yet, every time Australia plays in the Carribbean, we get to hear the commentators gushing about the great “festival atmosphere” from the steel-drum bands.)

7.) The Mexican Wave

Who is asking for these changes? It certainly isn’t the cricket fans. The Barmy Army trumpeter is probably the least annoying part of the Barmy Army. At least you can’t hear his stupid accent when he’s playing the trumpet.

If the batsmen were the ones complaining about the trumpet I could understand, but all the players LOVE the Barmy Army trumpeter. And the fans. And everyone, it seems, except the stadium managers.

Why? Because when you give someone a little bit of power, they always lust for more. Even if that power is only over a few cricket fans, the most common trait shared by those in positions of authority is the absolute glee they take in shitting all over those they have power over.

Cricket Authorities banned the Barmy Army trumpeter and the Mexican wave for one reason: Because they can. And making other people sad makes the power-junkies happy.

Shed Drinking Epidemic Worsens

January 24, 2007

Strangely enough, the draconian smoking bans being imposed across Australia aren’t having the desired effect. Instead of giving up their ungodly habit, smokers are instead staying home and drinking – an approach that has apparently taken the AHA by surprise.

Sly-grogging in sheds, garages and backyards had been reported in about 30 towns across Tasmania, with up to two or three unlicensed premises per town, Australian Hotels Association, Tasmanian manager Daniel Hanna said.

Most reports were from regional or country areas, although some “shed drinking” was occurring in the suburbs, usually in areas with a large proportion of traditional clientele, such as smokers not interested in gaming facilities.

So now, because of restraints of trade placed on them by do-gooders, the AHA is now trying to get “shed-drinking” (otherwise known as sharing an esky with your mates) banned so they can still earn a buck.

After all, this dangerous new practice experts are terming “Having a drink at home with your mates” is incredibly dangerous and irresponsible:

“There is no responsible serving of alcohol, no supervision of minors, these places are not licensed and they are not regulated.

“The situation is setting the scene for irresponsible drinking, drink-driving and the sale of alcohol to minors.”

The AHA is willing to go to utterly ridiculous rhetorical lengths to shut down this worrying situation:

“It’s an illegal activity no different from drug-pushing. We want it nipped in the bud as quickly as possible,” he said.

So, when the cops come knocking on your door this Australia day, just remember when you supported the smoking ban, nanny-state-lovers. And remember how you pooh-poohed the slippery slope argument against it.

The cops can have my esky when they pry it from my cold, dead hands.

Concerned Busybodies Want Coca Cola Ban

January 8, 2007

This post is rated R18+ for sickening nanny-statism. Send your kids to bed before reading.

GOVERNMENT’S have been urged to consider banning the sale of caffeinated soft drinks to children following new Australian research showing caffeine only increases addictiveness.

And yet haven’t been urged to send newspaper journalists to remedial apostrophe classes.

A Melbourne study, published in the most recent issue of international research journal Appetite, found caffeine added to cola-based drinks did not enhance flavour, but did increase their addictiveness, adding to childhood obesity problems.

Study co-author, Deakin University’s Russell Keast said his findings were “absolutely conclusive” that people could not detect the caffeine flavour added to cola-based drinks.

But he said children might find themselves becoming addicted to the caffeine, without realising it.

“It’s a problem for children,” he said.

I seem to be detecting a common theme. Perhaps we should consider banning children instead, before they usher in a new era of totalitarianism?