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No Brain Necessary

July 20, 2007

The headline says it all.

Government Research Facility Cures Cancer

November 14, 2006

Well, Almost.

Australian CSIRO engineers have created an air guitar that actually works, fulfilling the dreams of talentless metal fans around the world.

Impotent Bone Pointed

April 28, 2004

Shock revelations today, via

No Riots Tonight – Lets Cruise For Chicks

April 27, 2004

A hard night on the piss last night ended with a doner kebab from “Peter’s By The Sea” and the 10 minute walk home. About 100m ahead of me, a young woman was also walking home.

As I crossed West Coast Highway, a marked patrol car pulled into Manning Street, approached the girl, and the cops inside offered her a lift home. She happily accepted.

Was I a threat, or were they just being chivalrous?

Slow crime night?

Why didn’t they offer me a lift?

At least they weren’t doing 130 through a multanova in KKK Hoods, I guess. I wonder if they got a root…

Far Out Man!

February 12, 2004

This is what your student guild money pays for:

MURDOCH University students stole alcohol and vandalised expensive furniture after staff allowed them to protest in the university’s senate building last year.

Murdoch was been left with an $11,000 bill by the students, who initially took over the building after a senate meeting in October to protest against the university’s proposal to accept full-fee paying students.[…]

Student guild president Malcolm Bradley, who is in his 12th year of study at Murdoch, said the protest had not been organised by the guild although he conceded students associated with it were involved in the protest.

Mr Bradley said he had been one of the regular protesters. But he said there had been no discussions with the university about the costs of the protest and $11,000 seemed preposterously high.

I’m sure the guild can afford it. 12,000 students being extorted for $50 a semester each means they can afford to pay for it when their members get a little too feral.

Murdoch spokesman Nathan Giles said there had been informal discussions with the student guild about the damage but the university had decided not to invoice the guild for the costs.

On the other hand, you taxpayers can also afford it. After all, you’re investing in Australia’s future!

Artist Has Left Wing Views

February 6, 2004

Let’s hope this doesn’t become a trend! Oh.

A PAINTING lampooning John Howard’s friendship with George W. Bush has caused a political stink. Aboriginal artist Gordon Hookey’s Sacred nation, sacred nation, indoctrination, on display at the Ian Potter Gallery in Federation Square, is offensive and inappropriate, its critics say.

Running along the bottom of the work is the line: “John Howard and Australia is so far up George Dubbah Yah Bush and the U.S.A.’s a*** that we’re in the s*** We’re kept in the dark and it stinks.”

The three-piece work fills almost half of one wall at the National Gallery of Victoria’s indigenous section. The vibrant colours belie a dark commentary on global politics, with satires of popular culture and Australia depicted as the 51st state of the US.

How utterly original. I bet there’s scores of year 10 students who couldn’t have come up with that sort of “dark commentary”.

This guy says all that’s really needed to be said:

Australian-American Association executive director Tony McAdam said examining the “naive” artwork against Hookey’s background was interesting.

“He no doubt sees himself as a hapless victim of white racism and anglo-saxon and Yankee fascism. But he has had something of a dream run for someone who clearly feels so oppressed: two university degrees in the arts, many one-man exhibitions at leading galleries, top prizes and, we must not forget, a lovely (Queensland) Government grant ? almost all courtesy of that nasty bunch of white Australian taxpayers who he describes as `just like,animals’.


More Spending! MORE!

January 16, 2004

President Bush is signing on for a 1.5 billion dollar plan to “promote marriage”, especially among low income earners. What a joke, 1500 million clams of taxpayers’ money spent telling people how they should run their love lives. This on top of the space program – OK, so the space program is cool, but the estimate of a billion dollars extra is rubbish. It will blow out to many, many times that and there is no guarantee of success – just look at the International Space Station. The US is already running a massive deficit; which party is the fiscally irresponsible one again?

Andrew Sullivan has had enough. So has Conrad from Gweilo Diaries.

The World’s Your Oyster

December 29, 2003

Bjorn Lomborg has gone on record observing that, for the cost of implementing the Kyoto protocol, developed countries could instead provide clean drinking water for every human on Earth. A noble idea, indeed, and probably a lot more effective than what is on the table.

The Mises Institute estimates that it would cost the U.S. $397 billion by the year 2010 to implement the changes dictated by the Kyoto protocol. Now, I’m no public policy expert, but I think I can find something better than water to spend that amount of money on.

Hookers, for example.

Happy Taxpayers Day!

November 14, 2003

Today marks the first day in this financial year in which you get to start keeping the money you work for.

Earnings from every day since July 1 – 137 days in total – have gone to federal, state and local government coffers.

For the average worker this means that about 20 of the 52 weeks of the year are spent working for the Government – or 37 per cent of all earnings going toward tax.

Don’t worry, it’s all going to a good cause.

Attention Margo

September 17, 2003

Paul Watson has an offer that no self-respecting old boiler could possibly refuse:

And yes, I myself am currently single and otherwise eligible ? in fact with no assets and no super ? so if you?ve got a million dollar+ house (assets test exempt) and at least a few hundred grand in super (also assets test exempt), I am happy ? pathetically so, in fact ? to entertain your immediate offer. I can?t promise that I?ll give you too much under-the-doona action, but the good news is that you should be able to afford to buy it once-weekly at a decent brothel, what with the extra $350 a fortnight that partnering me simpliciter will bring into your cheque account.

Get in while the gettin’s good.