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ABC Bias Debatable

July 26, 2003

At least if you read Tim Dunlop’s blog:

[Alston’s dossier] plants in everybody’s mind the notion that the ABC is irredeemably biased, and installs an inner-Alston in every ABC journo’s head, tempting them to self-censor every word they write rather than face another in his relentless bouts of name-calling and denigration.

I was under the impression that the blogosphere had long ago agreed that the ABC is obviously biased, and that the debate should be turned to what, if anything, we should do about it.

Myself, I find myself agreeing with Tim Dunlop:

it will play so well with the peanut gallery whose earnest justifications for this waste of tax dollars I look forward to hearing.

Being a cultural philistine, my own idea about what to do with the ABC is a new lifestyle TV show along the lines of “Location Location“.

Instead of second homes for the bourgeoisie, “Privatisation Survivor” would feature nervous production assistants from 7, 9, 10 and Foxtel bidding on old buildings and sound equipment. Another popular feature would be watching ex-ABC broadcasters participating in reverse auctions with heartless commercial operators in an attempt to snare employment.

First up tonight on Privatisation Survivor: David Marr, Indira Naidoo and Liam Bartlett audition for the position of host for “Wheel Of Fortune”!

And don’t forget to stay tuned for our viewer SMS auction: Kerry O’Brien’s green pen could be yours!

Like most shows of its type, “Privatisation Survivor” would be a ratings winner, especially compared to anything on the ABC.

Devine Put In Her Place

July 22, 2003

David Marr was at his dribbling best in the latest episode of “Conservative Media Watch” tonight. The wide range of targets included conservative columnist Andrew Bolt, and conservative columnist Miranda Devine. Taking issue with Miranda Devine’s derision of the “Jesus was gay” researcher, Marr noted:

But six weeks before Miranda gave it another go, the University of Queensland had put out a rather killjoy clarification which Miranda ignored.

Media reports in recent days have incorrectly stated that The University of Queensland funded a study into the sexuality of Jesus Christ. Rollan McCleary? did not write his thesis on the subject ? but rather on the broad topic of gay spirituality in Western civilization?

The sad thing is that Dave actually seems to believe that he made some kind of point…


Poor Little Timmy Fell Down The Well

July 11, 2003

Giant wanker Tim Freedman

FFWF reports that “The Whitlams” frontman and ALP campaigner Tim Freedman is still in need of government assistance despite being one of Australia’s most successful recording artists:

You might ask what’s wrong with Sydney band The Whitlams touring around Australia to add a few more notches to their belt? Well, if you look here you will find that lead singer Tim Freedman and the independent record company he co-owns, Black Yak Management, received a total of $70,000 in May 2003 from two separate federal government grants

Contempt for the general public has been a long-running theme of the Tim Freedman story. In an earlier interview on Foxtel’s “V” channel, Tim decides that anyone who votes for the coalition are a bunch of idiots, which is a hardening of his stance from previous interviews, where he felt sorry for the targets of brainwashing:

CH The LIberals have captured the youth vote in recent years. Does it ever strike you as odd having your audiences sing along to songs like Gough knowing that a significant proportion of them voted for the anti-Gough-John Howard?

TF I haven’t met anyone who voted LIberal (laughing) I’m sorry I’ve been living in sweet denial. I assume everyone who comes to our concerts votes Labor.

And I’m going to continue to live in sweet denial … Stop alarming me … They’ve probably just been brainwashed by their parents, the ones who are voting Liberal.

At least Tim has managed to overlook his hatred of the Liberals when it comes to the important things, like requesting government handouts.

Receipts Misplaced

July 2, 2003

Public department rorts are nothing new, but this is taking it to new levels:

A SECRET auditor’s report found that almost $1 million has gone missing from a West Australian Aboriginal health organisation through unexplained debts, salary over-payments, undocumented travel expenses and personal loans.

The report by accounting firm Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu – looking at the books for the 2000 and 2001 financial years – shows “payments totalling $927,148 were either not supported by appropriate documentation or proper authorisation”.

WAACCHO, the representative body for Western Australia’s 19 Aboriginal health services, currently operates on a budget of about $500,000.

They would have been lucky to have enough left over to pay their power bill.

The Left’s ABC

June 1, 2003

“Strawman” rightly points out that the argument shouldn’t be about whether or not the ABC is biased, but why the ABC exists at all.

In a privatized media environment, people wouldn’t bother arguing about bias – they would just press the channel change button on their remote controls and the irritation could be gone forever. But for some reason Australians feel the need to pool their money by force and then bicker over how it is spent instead of just making their own decisions with their own money. It’s called ‘collective good’.

Wasting Money

May 30, 2003

Wasting money is fun. Everybody does it from time to time. Just last year I bought an electric shaver. It’s bloody useless and I went back to razors after 2 attempts. Cost me $250. Anybody want to buy it?

I also waste money daily by not planning ahead, and buying a pack of smokes after 6pm. The supermarkets are shut by then, so I have to pay $1.50 extra for the Deli variety.

It’s my money, I don’t like wasting it, but if I do, nobody is hurt except me.

It’s not like I’m the Australian government or anything!

The government wastes a lot of money on things we don’t need. Here’s a few examples of stupid shit the government has spent money on lately.

Top 5 things the Australian government has wasted money on lately.