Equal Eating Time

Remember the loser who decided to pig out on McDonalds for a month and give up exercise in order to prove that McDonalds food was unhealthy? Many people called bullshit on his story – which it pretty much was.

The problem with the experiment is that McDonalds offers a large variety of foods with a wide range of nutritional values. Some meals contain a lot of fat and calories (Like a supersized Quarter Pounder with Cheese) and others contain very little (Like the Caesar Salad). Experimenter number 1 just went right ahead and ate supersized Quarter Pounder meals all the time, while simultaneously giving up exercising. Unsurprisingly, he put on weight.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Soso Whaley has set out to provide a counter-example to Spurlock’s. Whaley’s terms? She’ll monitor her calorie intake and try everything on the menu at least once. No food at all except McDonalds.

So how is it going, half way into the experiment?

So far, I believe I have achieved my goals and expect to feel the same way on April 30. I feel healthy and energetic; I?ve lost 5 pounds, and I am not bored with the menu. This has become a very fascinating project, because it has allowed me to explore my own food issues and heightened my awareness about intelligent consumption. That?s what personal responsibility is all about.


The experiment is still ongoing. Check it out the whole story.

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