Stew says: Now I’d noticed

Stew says:

Now I’d noticed that myself, righties often don’t have comments facilities, which seems to imply a communal gutlessness.

Now calling a “rightie” gutless is nothing new, but I can’t really see where the criticism comes from. To me, the primary reason for not having comments that most people put forward is that it’s just “too bloody hard”.

This view seems to be supported by the fact that most “Movable Type” bloggers, right or left, have comments enabled. Presumably it’s a lot easier to institute comments with movable type.

Tim Blair doesn’t have comments, and I’m guessing he’s the “gutless rightie” Stew is talking about. He also has a shitload of readers, so that could play a part. Most busier sites run Movable Type, but Tim is still using generic blogger templates, which are probably a lot trickIer to find a decent comments system for.

It may be true that more lefty sites contain comments, but mainly because more lefties run movable type. Obviously, this is because they are all artsy-fartsy snobs studying “Movable Type Studies” at university, and have free hosting provided by the World Workers Party. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

In all honesty, comments are the favourite part of my site. I enjoy reading them even if you are taking the piss out of me, and if anything I don’t get enough.

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