Alston: Minister For Being Useless

I’m a bit late on this one (no time to blog because of new job – in the IT industry, no thanks to Alston) but I just had to share the grin that hit my face when I read that Alston’s awful term as IT/Communications minister was over.

I have no space here to list all the ridiculous things Alston did during his tenure. That’s because I plan to use it all quoting people calling him an idiot.

Over at, Tex shares his love for this “useless leech”, who:

will now suck on the public tit for the rest of his worthless life after contributing exactly nothing to Australian society for so many years.

Richard, do something useful for your country and have a fatal heart attack or something. We deserve no less.

Michael Jennings agrees:

Richard Alston, Minister for Communications and the most unbelievably stupid politician I have ever seen in my life, and who turned the computer and telecommunications industries of Australia into an international joke, has lost his job….

The Australian today quoted Lindsay Tanner saying much the same thing:

Shadow minister Lindsay Tanner describes Alston as the “world’s worst ever communications minister” and claims he has “managed to mangle everything he has touched, from Telstra to the ABC, from digital to broadband, from the Australian Communications Authority to the Australian Broadcasting Authority; everything he has touched has turned to disaster”.

This is also a good time to revisit a British article from 2001, entitled This man may be the biggest Luddite in history.

Rich is behind a number of proposals in Australia that would seem to point to an overwhelming miscomprehension of the Internet…. Is he being blackmailed by Rupert Murdoch, who sees the Internet as a threat? Has he found the Lord? Is he really a robot? Hopefully we will find out before the plug on Australia is pulled and the military cordon around the island prevents anyone from leaving or arriving.

And what does Alston have to say for himself? When asked for the great successes of his tenure, what was his reply?

He spoke of the “substantial achievement” of allowing parallel imports for CDs, and the campaign to fix blackspots for television reception.

Amazing stuff, eh? Alston: GET OUT AND DON’T EVER COME BACK

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