West Coke Eagles

The Chaser’s War on Everything: The West Coke Eagles

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8 Comments on “West Coke Eagles”

  1. Hammy Says:

    Well deserved. I hope Benny had some ice left over for his hamstring injury the other night.

  2. jimmythespiv Says:

    Gutsy move on the Chaser’s behalf. Bloody funny too !

  3. Princess Josie Says:

    Admittedly it’s old – but still funny! Did everbody here Dennis Cometti say “Ben’s gone to get some ice” in his cheeky voice then Brucie nearly choke on his microphone during the game’s commentary? D.C. will always come through with the goods.

  4. Mark Hill Says:

    Dennis Cometti and Kerry O Keefe commentating on the 2002-3 ING Cup Final between NSW and WA was priceless, like a Derek and Clive album.

  5. Colossal girl Says:

    There is elsewhere in the world a potatoe kingdom. They had a potatoe king and queen, potatoe citizens and of course potatoe princess. When the time came for Potatoe princess to marry she left the kingdom looking for a suitable mate.

    She returned some months later with a lover, Dennis Commetti. The king and queen were upset and horrified and begged the princess to send him away. The princess did not understand and demanded an explaination.

    Her father, the king looked at her tenderly and said “Princess, you cant marry him, He’s just a commen tator.”

  6. Tom H Says:

    Well done Yobbo. You’ve let it up there on the top of the page long enough that it’s relevant again !

  7. Genesis machine Says:

    What is your take on the Symonds monkey chants in India?

  8. Come on Sam… let’s see an ‘LDP candidate’ post on this dormant website… 🙂

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