Prison Thriller

I’m not sure what it is about The Philippines, but musical talent just seems to come naturally to Filipinos.

Every pub in Asia features a Filipino cover band that can not only perform a huge range of songs at a level equal to or better than the original artist, but dance like Michael Jackson Or Britney Spears while doing it.

I don’t think anybody ever bothered to tell them that those artists actually prerecord their live shows when they need big dance routines.

As you can see by this video, even the dregs of Filipino society have got the gift.

Surely they could have found a better looking Tranny though.

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6 Comments on “Prison Thriller”

  1. jimmythespiv Says:

    the tranny is bald !

  2. Princess josie Says:

    This is the classicist thing I’ve seen for ages. Very Shawshank Redemption in themes (ya know, hope and exceptance) plus EPIC camerawork. I agree that the casting of a bald drag queen is a slight error in judgement.

    It also reminded me that I need to find something orange to wear for school sports carnival tomorrow!

  3. Yobbo, out of all the sites I frequent I swear you dredge up the weirdest, freakiest shit.

  4. Patrick Says:

    Phillipino prisons are an odd place.

    “Bagong Buhay Rehabilitation Center is a 30-year-old prison designed to house about 250 prisoners. It’s currently holding 1,600. The prison is so packed that there’s not enough room for everyone to lie down at once, so the prisoners sleep in shifts, mostly three to a pile on tiny makeshift cots called cobols that are made out of rice sacks and wood scrap.”

    “The final authority within the prison walls is the mayor de mayoris, who is elected by a council of cell leaders.”

    “Commerce is thriving. Shopkeepers (prisoners who run barter-based businesses) can buy cigarettes, dried fish, and soap from the police canteen. And property rates are on the rise. One inmate named Henry bought his one-cubic-meter sleeping box for 2,000 pesos a couple years ago, and it is now worth 3.5 grand.”

  5. Anthony Says:

    16 or so years ago I frequented a Toorak wine bar where a Filipino piano player would sing pitch-perfect Sinatra. Well, to my drunken ears, anyway…

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