Chucking It In

Good riddance to one of the worst cheats in the history of Sport.

I think we all know who I’m talking about.

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16 Comments on “Chucking It In”

  1. os Says:

    One of my recent diversions has been to get involved in Dragon Boating. The coach insists on the “water” arm being kept straight. On the basis that it’s now allowed in the world of cricket, I asked if I could have a 15% leeway. The answer was no. Must be because I’m white.

  2. Sam Ward Says:

    suck it up gweilo

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  4. Загид Says:

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  5. timmy Says:

    Dragon Boat sucks

  6. Simon Says:

    I dont know dragon boats are at least fun

  7. susan Says:

    Sporting cheats, there is nothing worst. I competed for years in Taekwondo, and to be honest, there is nothing worst, than training as hard as you can in order to compete at your best, only to find that one of the judges has been given a back hander in order to secure another apponents win! I HATE CHEATS!

  8. Joanne Says:

    I have to agree, if you are a sports person, whichever sport you are in, you should be respectful to the sport, and this means adhering to the guidelines within the sport. If you are not up for that, then you should not be involved in sport in the first place.

  9. Within any sport there is a degree of unfairness, having been involved in Martial Arts for the latter 20 years, I have to say that the politics surrounding it are extent, but having said that, when it comes to cheating, there is no reason that you should have to cheat if you are good at the sport. There is no room for any cheat in any sport and it should not be tolerated in any way shape or form.

  10. Oliver Says:

    What a shame that people who participate in sport, have to resort to cheating in order to win or for money. Sport should be about the love of the sport and competing, not about how to screw another team or earn money from back handers. It is necessary that all sports people who behave in this sort of way should be named, shamed and thrown out of the sport on principle.

  11. Jo Says:

    Having been involved in sport and especially martial arts from a young age, I can understand how the politics of sport can get annoying, but I cannot understand why people think it is acceptable to cheat. It is not! End of story, there is no room for cheats in sport.

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