Beer Drinkers Are Stupid

Tim Dunlop’s in fine form lately. In one post he reveals the results of Shane Warne’s IQ test, and simultaneously accuses the right of being a bunch of hypocrites – with zero evidence:

It would be wrong not to mention the fact that cricket’s idiot savant, Shane Warne

Since Shane’s never been IQ tested to my knowledge, I can only assume that Tim’s assessment of him is based on his lack of cultual nuance. After all, Shane eats baked beans, drinks domestic brand beer (rather than EXPENSIVE WINE) and doesn’t mind a shag here and there. People like that are everything that’s wrong with Australia.

They’re the same morons who probably agree with those redneck refugee policies and go to the pub instead of the theatre!

We’ve also got Tim’s assessment of Scott Wickstein, who is accused of the heinous crime of claiming cricket is a team sport.

Scott, as we know, tends to dress right politically, but like a lot sports fans seems to have an pronounced socialist streak when it comes to sport: extolling the virtues of community over individualism; accepting measures like salary caps to level the playing field between rich and poor clubs; supporting massive government subsidies for such things as the Institute of Sport, stadium construction, sporting scholarships and the like, not to mention regulation such as the anti-syphoning laws.

Scott, as just about everyone except Tim is aware, has no such support for socialist sport policies. Neither, to my knowledge, do any of the right-leaning bloggers.

Haven’t you ever watched the footy show, Tim? Eddie McGuire keeps all us idiots informed on the socialist evils of the AFL salary cap and draft in every episode. And, as we’re too stupid to think about it ourselves, we all agree with Eddie.

So come on, who are these mythical right-wing hypocrites supporting the salary cap and the Institute of Sport? Maybe it’s that moron army of Shane Warne supporters again, marching through the streets with their VB and Winnie Blues. Troglodytes.

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