Girl Friday


Special “Healthy BMI” edition.

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6 Comments on “Girl Friday”

  1. hc Says:

    Bit of a porker. Good in a cold climate. Good norks and neatly shaved armpits. Doesn’t this degrade women?

    I am in Perth at present and looking for Sam Ward. Email?

  2. yobbo Says:


    0434 830 987

    Call rather than email since they can’t spam my phone.

  3. yobbo Says:

    Btw, it only degrades ugly women. Because they can’t compete.

  4. Karlos Says:

    I’d vote for her on australian idol. She doesn’t need to sing at all.

  5. Solo Says:

    There’s me, sat in Pommeland, feeling all a bit homesick as I check out the grey drizzle outside and then I stumble on you guys.
    By rights, I guess I should be mighty offended with my Politically Correct nose well and truly squiffed but instead I’m just laughing.
    10/10 for a little originality guys.

    – Solo

  6. Kangar Says:

    face is too round and flat

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