Rich Columnist Braves Club Med

Courageous Andrew Bolt chastises Australians for not going back to Bali:

At breakfast in our hotel I’d line up for an omelette alongside Japanese, Italian, Korean and French tourists. But no Australians, except one family from Melbourne at the end of our first week.

So we paid extra this time to stay in resorts with armed police and guards at every entrance, who inspect all cars for bombs. One Nusa Dua hotel even has a metal detector and bag searchers to check every guest.

So Andrew’s unnamed resort is full of Japanese, Koreans, Italians and French, but no aussies? And it’s located in Nusa Dua? The reason nobody else is going back is because they can’t afford $1200 for a week in Club Med, tosspot.

It’s pretty easy to feel like Rambo when you never have to leave the Club Med compound for anything. Next time take your wife and kids to a backpackers in Kuta and see how brave you feel.

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16 Comments on “Rich Columnist Braves Club Med”

  1. jayjay Says:

    Never felt the urge to visit Indonesia before the bombing and certainly don’t plan to now. Why would you support a country that just takes and takes from Australia? When they could repay their debt to us by bringing the bombers quickly to justice they stonewall. You’ve got to feel sorry for the average Indonesian relying on tourism but the terrorists have screwed them right royally. Spend your tourist bucks in Thailand!

  2. Wimps, the lot of you! 😉

  3. AD Says:

    Jayjay, I agree with you, Thailand is far superior, I have always felt at home in Bhuddist countries, I know there is a substantial Islamic population in southern Thailand and Bali is predominently Hindu. but Thailand is best.

  4. yobbo Says:

    Bali has more Japanese office ladies though.

  5. whyisitso Says:

    The world’s a pretty big place with plenty of great places to go. Why the hell would you visit a country where you’re plainly not welcome? Bolt can be a wanker at times.

  6. The Editor Says:

    Ah come on, guys. You’re being a bit hard on ol’ Andy. He was really mixing it with the proles by travelling to Bali. Who cares if he stayed at Club Med? He still had to — gasp! — use the same arrivals hall at the airport as other people and his “regular driver” probably let other people sit in his car just the day before.

    Bolta’s a trooper.

  7. Jules Says:

    I think your all off the mark, Indonesia hates Australia, what with Timor etc but they will take our money as quick as look at us. They even charged companies who were bringing in aid after the tsunami import tax! Thailand just keeps on having military coops, and is therefore a military dictatorship even if they have a democratically elected goernment
    Sri Lanka is the place to go – sure the Tamil are fighting the Sri Lankan Army and Police but they leave tourists well alone. SL is like Bali was 10 years ago. (Colombo sucks but hikkaduwa is an oasis)
    And Mr.Bolt – a true to life w*nker. Was his trip to Bali an ego boost just to say he has gone safely tucked away from the “real” indonesia. Mr Bolt obviously didn’t know anyone who lost there lives or was injured in the last two attacks on Australians

  8. yobbo Says:

    Yeah but Sri Lankan chicks have hairy arses.

  9. Indonesia keeps having coups? Are you thinking of Thailand? SBY is not a military man, and if you don’t know who SBY is then your opinion isn’t important.

  10. murph Says:

    Sri Lankan chicks have hairy arses.

    true yobbo, true

  11. Hugh Says:

    And hairy nipples.

  12. Pedro the Ignorant Says:

    Bogans go to Bali.
    Andrew Bolt goes to Bali.
    Therefore Bolt is a Bogan.

  13. wicking Says:

    The Bogans don’t go to Bali anymore. That’s why I go now.

  14. wicking Says:

    And because I’m in Darwin and it’s the cheapest place I can get to that isn’t Darwin.

  15. Razor Says:

    I went to Bali in 1999 immediately after ET while I was still in the Army. Place was deserted – always felt like somebody was always watching me. Went back a second time in 2000 and it was busier but still felt uncomfortable. Wife now refuses to go to anywhere in SE Asia except Singapore, and I’m very comfortable with that.

  16. Andjam Says:

    So Andrew’s unnamed resort is full of Japanese, Koreans, Italians and French, but no aussies? And it’s located in Nusa Dua? The reason nobody else is going back is because they can’t afford $1200 for a week in Club Med, tosspot.

    They can afford $1200 a week, but we can’t? Or are we just more sensible with our money?

    Being a right-wing commentator is often like shooting fish in a barrel. Sometimes I agree with what they say but cringe at the way they say it.

    The only time I’ve ever read something novel from Andrew Bolt is when he argued that people should be more lenient on adult women who have sex with underage males compared to men having sex with underage females.

    The amount of original insight created by Mark Steyn, by comparison …

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