Well done to Channel 10 Perth for choosing to broadcast the Richmond Vs Western Bulldogs game rather than Port Adelaide vs Brisbane. The widespread excitement associated with the match was thus narrowly averted.

In not only the best game of the 2003 season but one of the best games of AFL football imaginable, the Power withstood everything the Lions could throw at them and won the game when Roger James scored a behind with 42 seconds remaining.

I hope you all die of cancer.

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9 Comments on “Kudos”

  1. Burt Munro Says:

    I don’t understand the cancer reference.

  2. Burt, I think Yobbo’s View has made an expression indicating dissatisfaction with the decision. I think the cancer part is hyberbolic in nature, i.e., exaggerating for the sake of emphasis.

  3. By wishing out death by cancer (which is usually gradual) instead of by death by decapitation or death by plane crash etc., I think Yobbo is metaphorically projecting a slow gradual retribution to Channel 10 for making a decision that Yobbo did not agree with.

  4. AFL Says:

    Yep death by cancer is (often) slow, painful and ugly. I’m not saying whether I think Channel 7 deserve it or not.

  5. AFL Says:

    Sorry, Channel 10

  6. Let’s storm the studio building and take over the programming for the whole 2009 season. Yobbo, lead the way!

  7. wp robot Says:

    The storming of the studio building is behind schedule! Any update on D-Day?

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